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  1. just out of curiosity how much did the jabs cost ? as I have vaced hob cost me £60 cheaper elsewhere I know but I can use him year after year till he dies !! just a thought as I still work him and don't have to pay every year for jabs atb aaron
  2. how big are your ferrets ?? that's nearly the weight of a bag of sugar !! its the breeding season bud all mine loose a little weight during the summer atb aaron
  3. if you can hold your ferrets long enough / still enough I rub the tick round in circles 20 - 30 seconds later tick lets go and tries running away grab the fecker and bash it vet showed me how to do it about 4 years ago when took my dog in for jabs and she found it works a treat atb aaron
  4. nice little terrier bud atb aaron
  5. I had a jill last summer that died on me when in season, she was fine eating drinking as normal then one day she didn't look her usual self next day dead. whether this was down to not been brought out of season I don't know as the other jill was fine I know have a vac hob I keep with my jills just in case
  6. Thanks Aaron but by what I can gather the bevile on the Mora blade won't suit the blade tech sharpener? no worries mate, i use them on all my knives in the kitchen, field knives etc. even the garden shears atb aaron
  7. contact terrierman sam on here bud his farthers company makes the blade tech sharpeners great tools tbh atb aaron
  8. They would freeze in the winter Wouldn't be too bad in summer in the shade Personally I wouldn't have one though Atb aaron
  9. I use two small jills matey not for any weight advantage but for less blocks / digs I just bought two small hobs so I'll try them this next coming season But every one two there own Atb aaron
  10. i started my beddy cross off by sending him off with my mates russel who a cracking little busher they soon pick it up, as hes started doing it himself now heres a couple pf pic of the pair my baddey cross in the middle my mates russell also started my staff off this way two but shes more of a pet so not really pushed her atb aaron
  11. the two littlens i use beddy cross coming along well staff will if she wants atb aaron
  12. I bought a small hob from melton mowbray auction when i was about 15-16 and after the sale (I bought it for a £1) the seller came over for a chat and told me it was 50% polecat too. I do believe it because it was extremely dark colour (almost black all over) and never acted like a ferret and it never seemed to tame down entirely and it gave me the worst bites I have ever had off a 'ferret'. Anyway apart from being small for a polecat it was every part a wilder ferret and it turned out to be useless for working. So just to warn you, if you get one anything like mine you are going to have to sp
  13. I bought two hob ferrets about 3 weeks ago supposedly 1/2 polecat whether that is true or not I don't know all I an say is that every polecat coloured ferret i've seen has had more of a white undercoat where as these are more yellowy colour. like a true wild polecat we used to see when my grand father had a chicken farm I don't really care if they are 1/2 polecat im just after decent working line of ferret but they look more like one atb bb
  14. heres a pick off mine sorry it took so long to get some pics up geoff i couldnt believe how similar the litter looked and cant believe how similar they still are atb lads bb
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