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  1. hi all, a mate of mine has just purchased this caller and is looking for red deer sounds to put on it, i have searched online to no avail to find some for him. just wondering if any of you would be able to point me in the right direction many thanks, niall_b73
  2. I was always under the impression of 2 hours either side of the tide going out then in. That's seems to be the way it's done on the erne estuary
  3. am i aloud to advertis my pups for sale in the for sale section or do i need to donate first

  4. http://fishinginireland.info/news/pike-reports/waterways-ireland-erne-world-open-pike-fishing-classic-goes-from-strength-to-strength/ pm sent niall_b73
  5. a pitch fork and a good torch should do the job then niall_b73
  6. sounds like a deal mate, you give me the name of the lake and i will let you know a beach where you can catch bass niall_b73
  7. join this site and ask the same question there, they should keep you right. good luck, niall_b73 http://www.sea-angling-ireland.org/bulletin%20board/index.php?sid=cb961943321619fd61cf83bd75c4de05
  8. hi mate, if nobody else wants them i will take them, i tie for myself and tie flies for pike and am only learning but i would be more than glad to take them from you. niall_b73
  9. i have a few times and never had much luck but then on the other hand i have seen fishing reports with pic's of the local anglers with some fine double figure fish coming out of it. niall_b73
  10. i would like them mate if you still have them please ? niall_b73
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