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  1. Hi All After some wax trousers, can anybody recomend some please? are the Bisley wax trousers anygood? Thanks Kurt
  2. Whats the Breeding of the dog in the second picture? looks the same as the pup i got here! Thanks Kurt
  3. Any area's worse than others in Wales? im in the South
  4. Hi mate, you can get day tickets from garwnant visitor centre. (Vending Machine) Theres also a fishery in Ynysybwl, it used to be trout fishing there, not sure if it still is though, could be worth a try! ATB Kurt
  5. different prices throughout the country. around the £40 mark i paid, and yes its easier than the jab
  6. Had a pack of 10 off Amazon about 2 month ago. cost me £8 including delivery Kurt
  7. Nice Pup mate, where about in the valleys you from? ATB Kurt
  8. i had a pair Sunday, havnt done much in them yet but they are super comfy very warm and provide very good support. ATB Kurt
  9. Anyone in S Wales do repairs on them? or isit just Mick Dadd that does the repairs?
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