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  1. baillie

    .223 Deer round

    i use sako 50 grain ballistic tip for roe .they are very accurate through my tikka and they knock roe down easily
  2. baillie

    Whats your deer gun.

    have a weatherby vanguard 270 with a z6 2x12x50 swarovski scope with a t8 sound moderator and use norma 110 grain ballistic tips bullets.also a tikka t3 lite 223 with a 8x56 s&b scope wth a s5 sound moderator and use sako 50 grain ballistic tips bullets
  3. baillie

    Another Great days stalking

    well done great area to go and stalk .drive up there to watch deer on numerous occasions and do not tire doing it .drove through there 4 times last week when on holiday.
  4. baillie

    Passed my DSC1

    there is no law to say you need a dsc 1 to have a firearms to stalk deer your feo cannot make you have it to posses a rifle. i am not getting at you personally and if you think that i appologies. i personally think dsc qualifications are a waste off time as stated as a ex friend had one and knew little about stalking.
  5. baillie

    Passed my DSC1

    glad you have money to waste, had a friend who did it to be a trained hunter (i would say a hunter is someone who brings food home to eat)well this person could not shoot deer in the correct place, could not gralloch deer properly,did not know how to dress deer out in the larder so i for one would not eat anything he hunted and because he paid for a bit off paper he was more qualified than me at hunting.keep lining peoples pockets if you like i will not be doing it.and how can you learn to be a trained " hunter" in a classroom? if you are someone who has not shot before until you do the dsc 1 and you walk away with a piece of paper to say "trained hunter" and not even shot at a beast before.
  6. baillie

    DSC 1+2

    do not have a level one and do not want one.does not make you a better stalker as proved when i took someone with a level one on my stalking ground not only could he not shoot them in the proper area,could not gralloch them properly and he could not do the larder work properly either, and in some peoples eyes he is more qualified to do it than me because he has a bit off paper .personally think it is a waste off time and money
  7. baillie

    Training dogs to Track Deer

    dogs for woodland stalking by guy wallace working with dogs for deer by neils sondergaar training dogs for deer by major g wilkinson mbe tracking dogs for findind wounded deer by john jeannene books recommended by dcs best practise websites of interest by best practice www.bestpracticeguides.org.uk www.deersearch.org www,garmin.com hope some of this will be off some interest to you
  8. baillie

    YDS. DVD. VOL.2 2009

    how could you purchase them i am interested? is paypal alright?
  9. baillie

    YDS. DVD. VOL.2 2009

    what are they about? please tell, thanks
  10. baillie

    N. TX doe hunt

    is that not a armidillo in the last photo?
  11. has not set their status

  12. baillie

    Scope Advice

    swillington shooting supplies yorkshire (they have a web site) does the same deals closer to you as well
  13. basc is doing level one in the beginning off march at trochry near dunkeld if that is any good
  14. baillie

    shooting sticks

    i bought a pair off the quad sticks from a shooting magazine. great if you have a lot off cover and a bipod is to small.steady as a rock only bad thing is the price at £70 but you could easily make them yourself when you see them, cannot rate them highly enough