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  1. Hi everyone Im looking to by a bull greyhound bitch pup soon,at the minute I have a collie whippet greyhound who's 4 and i have had since pup that has done everything iv asked of him for his size and wouldn't part with him for the world,but I am now looking for something bigger for other stuff,I have always liked bull xs just a personal opinion,I want a more racy one that will have the gears to catch,so I would be grateful if anyone has advise for me on good blood lines,what percentage is best,thanks for your time.

  2. Went for a quick lamp last night with my dog who's just came off a long foot injury just to get him back into the swing of things I wasn't expecting him to do well to be honest because at the minute he's got the shape of a lab lol,well anyways walked in the moor slipped him on 8 bunnys and he killed everyone of them I no it's not a world beater and not the biggest bag hes had but I was proud all the same cause I couldn't fault him in any of the runs so here's a couple of pictures p.s I no there's only 7 in the picture it's because I had to hang the on the fence and mr Charlie that kept following me got away with one so I'll settle the score with him another time :gunsmilie::thumbs: . 3d90ca81.jpg3d90ca81.jpg

  3. when i first read your title i thought your dog had died!!!!

    hope your pup is ok

    can you post a pic of your other dogs foot?

    i cant at the minute mate computer wont let me connect to my phone its his left front one 2nd toe in from his little one,

    its swollen and to the left of it it feels like the bone is sticking out a bit.

  4. i was woken today hearing me two dogs play fighting when all of a sudden i saw my 11 week old pup come running out the pen hollowing,as i flew down to see wats up i noticed the right side underneath his chin was swollen like a balloon i didnt see any cuts or bite marks so i rang my vet to get advice she said it sounds like he may have bashed it by falling so iv got an appointment tomorrow :( anyway as the day went on i took my older dog the one im running for the season and my best companion for a walk to strech his legs [bANNED TEXT] i let him off he took off like a sspeed train like normal then [bANNED TEXT] hecame back i noticed he was limping as i looked down i saw his toe was swollen so i took a look and my worst fear i think has came true i think he has broken it.for a split second i had tears in my eyes i couldnt beleive my luck :( so at the minute my season has ended.has anyone got any advice on brocken toe and wat i can do to help him.

    atb on everybodys season :cry:

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