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  1. looking good mate thinking about a springer or a bushing dog my self :thumbs:

    Best investment iv made mate that little dog,lucky just needs to click on daytime bushing,I'm pullin me hair out with her at the min,the spaniels working beside you lovely in the bush and lucky just runs a mile right down the end of the bush the stupid cxxt lol,but she will click on lol.

  2. My ways full of them rj,I was out yesterday bushing with the spaniel and lucky and he brought 2 of them out the bush to me,lucky that the spaniels soft mouthed I just let them go again but lucky caught one aswell and that was it for that poor bugger as you may well of guessed there wasn't much left of it !

  3. Hi there Iv been looking for a while for a bushing dog for mooching with my two lurchers and have decided on a springer,I no its a long shot but just wondering if anyone has one or knows someone who has one for sale preferbly a bitch will be well looked after(I look after my dogss better than myself lol)like I said its a long shot but I think there is some helpful people on here who may know,if it's a failed shooting dog or something like that,please no silly comment just a genuine person looking for another companion for my pack!thanks for you time.also good money waiting for the right bich and very good loving home.