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  1. Hi there Iv been looking for a while for a bushing dog for mooching with my two lurchers and have decided on a springer,I no its a long shot but just wondering if anyone has one or knows someone who has one for sale preferbly a bitch will be well looked after(I look after my dogss better than myself lol)like I said its a long shot but I think there is some helpful people on here who may know,if it's a failed shooting dog or something like that,please no silly comment just a genuine person looking for another companion for my pack!thanks for you time.also good money waiting for the right bich and very good loving home.
  2. the black bitch half cross fawn bitch 1/4 bull/1/4 whippet 1/2 grey 10 month old better picks Lol I was gonna say put the best litter up;)
  3. lurcher.man

    predator calls

    How do you get these lads?iv got an iPhone 4s can you get them on there ?
  4. lurcher.man

    the pup 11 months

    Yeah tell me about it,I'm back to basics with lucky with her training,jumping recall again!where did you get you lure machine from ?
  5. lurcher.man

    the pup 11 months

    He's looking good mate!
  6. lurcher.man

    the pup 11 months

  7. lurcher.man

    the pup 11 months

    Here's lucky don't no the weight of her but she's just touching 25tts
  8. lurcher.man

    the pup 11 months

    What's peppers weight at now rj ?
  9. lurcher.man

    the pup 11 months

    Get some more picture up lads
  10. lurcher.man

    the pup 11 months

    Looking well mate!
  11. Clearly she is becoming a natural,she's showing us all how it's done lol
  12. Get a picture up of the mighty kura,then show him a nice bull cross pup lol
  13. lurcher.man

    sprocker spanial

    Hi there whats she like in thorne bushes,does she go through anything ?
  14. lurcher.man

    Morning all

    Good luck mate nothing better than a nice Sunday stroll
  15. lurcher.man

    storm & pepper

    Looking good mate.
  16. lurcher.man

    raciest bull x

    Here's my 10 month old not long started on bunnys and hoovering them up,and starting to shape up nicely I think
  17. lurcher.man

    subaru justy

    Any pictures mate ?
  18. lurcher.man

    next years hopefuls

    Strong looking dog mate
  19. lurcher.man

    next years hopefuls

    Here's mine for next season,sister to ruby jets pup
  20. lurcher.man

    rabbit dogs..

    Here's my lamping dog And here's his new apprentice
  21. lurcher.man

    fto j1985/lurcher man /westy/poko25

    25 tts doing very well mate Nice,sox is still at 25 but got to weigh him as he's a right lump. My bitch stopped just over 24 tts mate
  22. lurcher.man

    fto j1985/lurcher man /westy/poko25

    Nice dogs mate lol
  23. lurcher.man

    Pictures your proud of.

    Come on lads put up them nice pictures that make you proud to see what you brought up from pup,here's my lucky she's 10 months old and doing very well.and the new one to the mob
  24. lurcher.man

    lets see ya smooth hared lurchers

    nice dogs westy put some new ones with ya new collars on mate look the buisness Thanks gafer, will try to mate How talks sky now mate ?