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  1. bobthefox

    best age to give a rat to a pup

    mine was 4 months
  2. bobthefox

    Mystery Red/Black Fox

    hopefully they will starve to death or he may shoot them when they come looking for mummy and that will be the end to them not everyone has sympathy for vermin or are you a friend of Bill Oddie Vermin yes. What about a bit of respect for your quarry, you have to admire the fox as a hunter. With your attitude all fieldsports are doomed. If thats your opinion (to which you are entitled) you'd do better keeping it to yourself for all our sakes. Happy hunting otherwise. likewise others would be better keeping thier oppinions to themselves too , foxes are not just post card creatures as of yet and need controling vigerously same as rats i have little feeling or respect when they are commiting thousans of pounds worth of damage and people having lefty ideas and oppinions of them kill the fooking things and bring them back to sensible numbers
  3. bobthefox

    fox no show

    We had the same problem. For months the lamp would hit this fox and off he goes. Surrounded the area with snares and the next night the lamp hit him, he ran staight away from us, right into a silver necklace!
  4. bobthefox

    Penstrip (penstrep)

    Why back leg?, All injections should be on the scruff/neck (whether under the skin or muscle) should they not? all the vets inject in the neck because closer to heart and can access the blood stream quicker, also in a terrier, it is as close as you can get to the infected area i.e. the nose. or am I wrong? Don't quote me on it, but i'm pretty sure vets do it in the neck as a throwback from jagging "food animals" eg sheep n cattle, so as not to spoil the carcase.
  5. Wow! You'd never get my mum near rats!!
  6. bobthefox


    For the last 15 years i've been using 50 grain Nosler Ballistic tips, on the home load, with some awesome results. Also started using Factory Federal Ballistic Tips, with some pretty goo results too
  7. bobthefox

    Centrefire in .223

    Remington 700 every time. Had mine 15 years, we're out 3 nights a week, every week and still going strong
  8. bobthefox


    Heard its like roast beef.......... the best roast beef in the world i heard That must be the east coast swan you've tasted, over here on the west they taste like haggis
  9. bobthefox


    Lovin' the pics, lads
  10. bobthefox

    kx250 with 2 engines and loads of spares

    Yeah, it's a kawasaki kx250. If you search under kx250 with 2 engines and loads od spares you'll find it!
  11. bobthefox

    kx250 with 2 engines and loads of spares

    mid nineties. Check out ebay for pics
  12. pm me or text/call 07775610866 £800 ovno for quick sale
  13. cracked number 40 last night!
  14. bobthefox


    Had my blitz for 15 years now. 2 new switches, christ knows how many bulbs and 6 or 7 rewirings later, it's still the best. The plastic bulb holder surround melted a year or 2 ago and Deben wanted me to send it to them to install it, but they sent the part out for £15 instead.
  15. bobthefox


    I Think you missunderstood, she was driving the quad at the time!!!