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  1. I use an ess bitch for this she's not one yet but working well circling ahead of me.
  2. It was lightweight and would last all night but then stopped working completely
  3. I bought a deben lithium battery last year and I didn't even get a full season out of it.the corner of it got melted by the lamp but still worked for couple of months afterwards but then then died.it cost 300 I could of got a few car battery's for that money
  4. A fella I know who has experience with both pure breeds told me that the Wheaton is more intelligent and in the past used to work quarry better
  5. fella here breeds them ,80quid dog transporter.Well pat.Is it eighty quid aswell to get dogs transported over here from uk?
  6. Permission is for sissys .poachers rule.better atmosphere [BANNED TEXT] ur ducking mad farmers
  7. I read in a book on staffs that there could be some blue Paul's stil around today.i doubt it but it wouldn't be impossible
  8. Leave them loose there might be a few in a line along the ditch if the dogs are at full speed and miss one they will be closer to other ones a little further up and might catch one.
  9. Rang vets and they said theres a new drug u give them ten days later and another twenty four hours after that..theres no side affects and shel be able to have pups in the future.sixty euro
  10. Cheers socks.il have to get it done tommorrow.dont want pups but I realy don't want to damage the bitch.
  11. My lurcher bitch was crossed today by my mates lurcher.both dogs are great workers and are two years old .i want a pup from the bitch but not for another few years until she starts slowing down. My question is could she be made infertile by getting the morning after jab if only used once?
  12. Iv a springer pup and its just seems so easy getting her hunting she's only four months
  13. That's a nice looking bitch
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