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  1. The welsh game fair is what it is, true that not much changes from year to year (except the admission price, which has increased steadily). But its still a decent day out and I will continue to go. Some great dogs on show this year, but the judging seemed very rushed imo. Yes, the food and drink prices are stupidly high, but we take our own food which keeps the costs down. Many thanks to the kind chap who gave us a free ticket too. some pics
  2. Coming along very nicely there CP, very smart looking hound. Heres a couple of recent shots of macsen, now a year old.
  3. Nice hound youve got yourself there, looks a bit like my old deer x, Gelert.
  4. Got the daihatsu home, the drive was fine, turns out its a cracking little motor, one or two tiny patches of surface rust on the body...nothing really, chassis is rock solid, engine pulls like a train, fuel economy was better than expected, even the interior is in great condition. The mileage of 60 odd thousand is genuine (service history to 40k and all old mot's to prove it) so seems like it was a bit of a bargain at the price.Took the back seats out today ready for a ply floor to be installed and gave it a thorough once over, will service it in the next week or so myself and probably do the cam belt while I'm at it just to be on the safe side. The only fault I can find is that the brakes are a bit crap so will change the pads too. So far so good...here's some pics.
  5. Cheers folks, have done some research on the sportraks, seem pretty good overall. I've had a good few 4x4's in the past, but never a daihatsu (vitara, sj410, trooper). Will be searching ebay for a decent set of spare wheels with some aggresive tyres for the winter months, few other bits I'd like to get though. If all goes well then the first job will be to remove the back seats and ply line the floor to make it into a van.
  6. Ebay has a lot to answer for...just gone and bought myself a 1996 sportrak elxi and I hav'nt even seen it in the flesh yet! Much cheapness at 450 quid though, from the pictures it seems relatively rust free and in decent condition, low miler with part history too and a long mot. Picking it up on friday and will drive it the 50 odd miles home. Anyone on here have any experience with one of these?...any horrors I should look out for? Can anyone suggest a decent brand of cheapish all terrain tyres which are also decent on the road? Anyway, at £450 its worth the risk I reckon, will make a decent dog bus. Will update the thread on the weekend once I've picked it up and driven it for a while, then we'll see if its such a bargain...or not. All going well it will be transporting me and the hounds to the welsh game fair on sunday.
  7. What time does the show start and how much is entry? Hoping to make it this year.
  8. Will be there on the sunday with my two lurchers, never miss a year, great show. It will be the first time for the pup. Looking forward to it.Lets hope the weather stays decent.
  9. The welsh game fair is at Gelli aur, near LLandeilo in south west wales. Stunning location on the banks of the river Tywi, well worth a visit.
  10. Aah, the eternal 'best' guitarist question...there probably is no definitive answer, everyone will have a different opinion no doubt based upon the guitarist in their favourite band or prefered type of music. There are plenty of amazing and technically gifted 'famous' guitarists out there, but then there will be an equal amount of equally gifted players who nobody has ever heared of. So maybe this thread should be renamed 'favourite guitarist'. Anyway, my favourite guitarists are...for the technical fiddly stuff, Randy Rhoads, Dave Murray, malmsteen, Page. But king of the riff without hesitation and undisputed it has to be Tony Iommi. R.I.P Ronnie James Dio...(not a guitarist, but one of the finest heavy rock/metal vocalists ever).
  11. This might help, here are some pictures of my deer/grey/collie starting from 8 weeks old to almost a year. 8 weeks 11 weeks 13 weeks 14 weeks few months 10 months 12 months 12 months, 29 inches to the shoulder
  12. Yes, they are slow to mature, he's still like a big puppy at the moment, no point in rushing into things and ruining him. Will be concentrating on getting him in top shape over the coming months. We have been out with other dogs, but hav'nt slipped him on anything yet, would prefer to wait until he's around 18 months before I start him properly.
  13. They definately have a bit of collie in them, dont know what percentage though. Will be starting Macsen on the bunnies next season, will be doing more roadwork with him over the next few months although he has plenty of stamina and decent speed, turns pretty good too.
  14. Sire is a deerhound, dam is deer/grey/collie.
  15. Oggy, great show mate in a stunning location, that wind was biting though! this event will definately make it onto my calendar for next year, thanks to all at the tivyside hunt for a fantastic day out.
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