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  1. blackfell

    Rear Dif Wind Up ?

    I'm sure they would too but what I have found is sometime the switch shows one thing but the diff may be still in lock if you see what I meen the light will be on in one mode but the message isn't getting to the diff maybe
  2. blackfell

    Rear Dif Wind Up ?

    HI have a good look at the 4wd switch on the dash sometimes it seems to take awhile to take effect ? is it in locked diff mode ? 12 miles seems along way to go and then tighten up mine only done it once and just reversed and it cleared had been shunting caravan about in diff lock mode and ithink the switch didn't work instantly before driving up road ps I'm no expert lol
  3. blackfell

    £50 Billion To Leave Eu

    i think we should tell them we are broke because of brexit like the remoaners suggest and offer to pay them 5 quid a week or stick it up there arrrse
  4. blackfell

    Bricklayers Soon To Be Out Of A Job

    better that machine than listening to albano whingin brickies
  5. blackfell

    Etching Metal

    looks ok to me what else you do ?
  6. blackfell

    Rothchilds Family

    check out george soros
  7. blackfell

    Starting To Think It's Stolen!

    i would use it to smash into every other motor he has and then do a runner
  8. blackfell

    Thames Fishing, Not Tidal Areas

    hi try the stretch at benson for carp or further down stream below child beale for big carp
  9. blackfell

    Older Women 2.

    kay you were older than me when you left your drawers in me van pmsl
  10. blackfell

    Older Women 2.

    i was going down on a bird one night when she let out a rasping fart in a bit of stih hit me on the chin and i ended up marrying her pmsl
  11. blackfell

    Older Women 2.

    the only thing wrong with rimming an older gal is having to hold her piles out the way lol
  12. blackfell

    Name That Bird

    norwegin blue ??
  13. blackfell


    keep em on a light feed, and give em half of it an hour before you let em out for a fly they will soon be doin hours paul
  14. blackfell

    Racing Pigeons (Youngsters For Stock)

    hi pm sent nice offer
  15. blackfell


    hi highest blood sugar i ever managed was 32 couldnt move a muscle as i lay having a heart attack in the ambulance,if you feel shite get it checked out ,most chemist can do a check now so be warned my bloods are now around 6/8 with the ocasional hypo thrown in lol