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  1. kodak

    Dog Box For A Crew Cab Pick Up

    If you were closer Mate I would take it off you, got a MK 3 double cab hilux. dont have the time to travel.
  2. kodak


    Hello. Anyone know where I can buy any African Grey Parrot eggs from???. Want to have a go at hatching from incubator and Hand Rearing. Cheers
  3. Nikon D3100 with two lenses, 18-55 VR Lens and Nikon 55-200 zoom lens,Plus Loweprow bag. This Whole kit is just over 6 months old from PC World, and have all reciepts and boxes. Only took about maybe 2 to 300 photos, if that. Absolute Mint Condition. Profesional Camera. £365 posted.
  4. kodak


    Got a young 10 month old dog here, very well bred. PM me for more details.
  5. kodak

    Terrier Wanted

    One of these is still for sale Mate.http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/272986-patterdale-dog-pup-for-sale-pick-out-of-the-2/ Very well Bred Ring me on 07961550930 for more details.
  6. These two young dogs are Very Well Bred. Sire and Dam hard grafters, whoever buys one of these will not be dissapointed.
  7. kodak

    Dogs Got Some Rabbits - Action Pics

    Great Photos Mate. What camera did you use. Just got myself a Nikon D3100 and still cant get photos like that. Did you shoot them in Auto or did you set it yourself??
  8. kodak

    paddy sweeney and late willie tough

    Anymore info, photos of the full saluki Sharper?? Was he a Black and Tan??
  9. kodak

    red the coursing saluki

    Here is Red with his litter mates. He was bred Shearer x Rose, as pictured above at Pontop Kennels. Rose was Cruise x Seagull, [/img] Nice looking litter, did any of the others go on to excel ? Most of these pups went down to Kent, there was also a second litter sameway bred, which the Kent lads asked for. which went down there too. Cant remember names of lads who bought them, but heard great results from all of them over the years.
  10. kodak

    Patterdale terrier bitch.

    The Sire and Dam of this little bitch are Very well bred and hard grafters. Anyone looking for a working terrier will not go far wrong with this one.
  11. kodak


    Interested in your Hilux, Can you post spme photos on please?? Cheers
  12. kodak

    Adjustable Tow Hitch

    Thanks. Do you know the n item number or link?? Cheers
  13. kodak

    Adjustable Tow Hitch

    Anyone got a Adjustable Tow Hitch for 4x4??
  14. Anyone got an Adjustable Tow Hitch for 4x4??