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  1. I love the 55...J Darcy is right, more effective than the Fenn....and 55's have just been cleared for use on squizzers
  2. Thanks for that Mr Wilkes.....I was sure to oreder the wrong stuff
  3. Can you tell me what diameter your order? 0.9mm? I've been thinking of sending this firm an order for ages but never been sure which diameter I should order
  4. Some might remember that I used to make and sell purse nets...after a long lay off, I have started to make nets ,in a small way,again. I have thirty 3ft6in spun poly nets for sale (tied by me) £2 each plus postage paypal, postal order or cheque (please allow at least 7 days for cheque to clear) Sorry for the crap pic
  5. Always wash mine (can't afford a pressure washer) I believe clagged up traps fire slower and washing them (like Matt) gives me a chance to check them over/retune them
  6. If you want the same ol' politics, vote for the same ol' politicians....but if you want some chance of a change, perhaps the chance of something better than the mess we've got now...vote UKIP
  7. Got to agree with PFS on this........in my experience dead insects don't breath
  8. All this talk about who charges what, be it a biggeR company or an LA shouldn't cloud your judgement. I sell my business on quality, I quote a price and that's it...I'm not going to get involved in a race to the bottom and I've had many customers who've used me because others are too cheap to do the job properly. I've also had people who've tried to knock the price down........I say people because they are never customers
  9. Thanks for that Moxy...........looked last night and for the life of me I couldn't find it
  10. I felt certain I'd seen a sticky giving a load of advice on filling out a FAC application....has it been moved/removed ?
  11. See a lot of twisted nets for sale at game fairs etc this summer.....seems that some net makers have trouble loading thier needles properly.....this is almost certainly the cause of the problem. You could try soaking your nets and drying them in the un-twisted position, if you see what I mean
  12. You say your hob is "lightening quick" is he a youngster/inexperienced?. In my experience hobs tend to be a bit slower than jills which leads me to think perhaps your hob's not working the bury very well. Also I believe as hobs tend to move slower underground rabbits find it easier to give them the runaround rather than bolt. Having said all that, I used to work hobs only at one time and found once they are experienced they are as good as any jill
  13. And you mate. Here's wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New Year
  14. Ooooh I do love a happy ending Glad you found your ferret, mate.
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