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  1. This is for old school lads who have been there have you still.got the drive for the hunt or is it best left to the younger generation to enyoy
  2. I ain't seen a non fox dog stay on with rutting bucks fox jackers don't make good deer dogs when it comes to the biguns from what I've seen in the past just end up pushes shy of the head set
  3. A black guy in Miami takes this new drug called bath salts I think he strips naked and eats this tramps face totally off lasting eighteen minutes or so police shoot him dead has any one seen the pictures our lass showed me on that face book f..king madness
  4. When breeding your runners how many pups do you keep one two or them all is it worth keeping more to enhance your chance of getting the best
  5. Did Tom still have his army jumper on and green cords and that Russian hat I was up there a few times in the 90s that's all he wore lol he was a funny one had a good dog called chalky big White deerhound x and greyhound bitch called misty she was decent to
  6. I reckon fallow .take off quicker than red but when red get going there doing some , big deer sometimes look faster than they actually are down to some dogs pushing rather than catching all pre ban of course good thread
  7. Deerhound greyhound x a good snake head cross ones I had years back had a decent catch rate good lookers to if you like the odd show
  8. youngy


    Now I'm not lamping I seem to be doing alot more drinking lol for the lads that like a few what you drinking I liked me fosters but now I'm on the coors light great drink I'm not a alky by the way it's a wknd thing ha ha
  9. hi tried sending you a pm need info on oscar

    hope you can help


  10. Here ya go fella. nice animal dan
  11. quality toon fella

  12. no difference cluck mate thing is good bitch is hard to come bye any amount of good dogs
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