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  1. born to hunt

    Dog eats blackberries straight off the bush

    all of my dogs do aswel mate
  2. born to hunt

    puppies for sale UPDATED

    What part of england are you from mate !
  3. born to hunt

    lurcher puppies for sale

    Whats your number mate !
  4. born to hunt

    Black Lakeland Dog For Sale

    Hello If you send me your email address i will send you some pic griffiths_alan1@sky.com please send them asap very intrested thank you
  5. born to hunt

    lakie bitch 2 1/2 years

    my number is 07854418870
  6. born to hunt

    pics of the pups 10 weeks

    are they for sale mate
  7. where in belfast are you from and do you no of any dogs a bit younger for sale

  8. born to hunt

    plummer Terriers

    i do he is agood dog toooo