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  1. Gunpower stealth .20 cal, less than a year old used 4 or 5 times, very accurate and great deadly vermin hunter, its in immaculate as new condition includes silencer, Hawke scope, red laser and stirrup pump with adapter. All in all it cost me around £600 selling for £400 no offers, selling due to losing my shooting permission, the gun only was more than £400 without the extra's and barely had a few hundred pellets down it. I am in Kent and will only sell face to face buyer collects only, please no time wasters leave me a message and I will get back to you asap......... Cheers, P.S I forgot to mention the gun has cammo tape on but it just peels away if you dont like it or I can remove if needs be, the scope is a Hawke nite eye 3-12 x 44 ir It also has a hard case I made for ease of transporting etc the pump is a gun power pump and tops it back up easily after any session unless you empty the buddy which is rare as it holds 400 plus shots but it takes a little while to top up from empty as its a big volume buddy but it can be done if you are fit....... Deano
  2. I have a new stealth .20 cal its legal limit but heard these are great in FAC plus the large shot capacity even in Fac, very accurate and lightweight ..... Deano
  3. I always hang rabbits in winter months a day or 2 and sometimes up to 3 days if really cold, but always thumb the belly to release the pee or it'll be retained and can be easily burst making meat taste shite, the rabbit when first shot will not pee but after leaving a few mins to relax all nerves etc it'll go no problem, as for pheasants up to a week in very cold weather but at the mo all meat can be butchered up on arriving home it wont hurt. Some say pheasants should be left till they have bugs and maggots are crawling from them ...........i think not lol but i read this a lot but a few days hanging is fine but with birds they always say leave the guts in till you ready for em, not sure thats a good idea either and it definately is'nt in rabbits which should be gutted pretty much soon as shot them to give the meat a chance of tasting like meat and not farty old guts lol Deano
  4. Tbh they're not that good, I have 1 and had 1 in past which was useless, they often read well high or well low and are affected by the muzzle blast which also can make the reading a bit dodgy if it registers at all, best save a few quid more and get an F1 or something similar as i tested my gun on a combro which said it was 9.73 ft lb but in fact it was doing 10.89 ft lb on an F1 , just my opinion but they are'nt very good at all.................. Deano
  5. I have a .20 cal stealth and also a stirrup pump, its quite easy to top up the stealths mighty capacity bottle as long as i dont have to start pumping from completely empty but if just topping up after shooting a good 200 + shots its pretty quick and easy to top back up to 200bar or 3000psi, i have noticed though that using the stirrup once its full at 200 bar the first 50 shots are a little inconsistent and the stirrup seems to of over filled the buddy even though it reads 200 on the dot ? Im sure the stirrup filling is doing something different to the gun than the bottled air does...... However if the bottle is filled from a divers bottle from a gun shop its fine and consistent from the first shot ? what size bottle would i need to fill this size buddy bottle and how many full fills would i get before it needs topping up again, Cheers, Deano
  6. Great job, I have owned 3 x Hw 80's and have to say they're 1 of the.. if not the greatest springers going and very user friendly / tinkerers delight............... Thats come out very nice and given me something to think about doing as my brother has an old Webley vulcan .22 which he used a handful of times when they were new and all the rage but has sat for years in the bedroom cupboard, Time to persuade him to part with it i think.......... Deano
  7. Great little bag, not so much fun gutting and carrying all back but worth it ...... Deano
  8. Well been out finally with my new gunpower stealth in .20 and it shoots great, after an initial zeroing session I got it shooting very tight groups out to 40 yrds with JSB exacts at 13.73 grains, to be honest its the its the first pellet i tried other than a couple of premiers, but very pleased with its performance and the gun seems to like them you just know when they dont but these seem pretty well matched. I took it out to a new permission hoping for a bunny or 2 but to be honest I checked this land out all times of day and have only seen one ??? Anyway there is more land I can try with it where there are many rabbits etc so hopefully some pics to come soon. I noticed it shoots very flat and requires very small hold over / under compared to a .22, I have zeroed at 30 yards but have read some reviews that say its best set at 35 ish as it shoots so flat, but we'll see how it goes i think, the only other pellet i tried a couple of were some old premier / accupel in .20 but they were so loose they fell into the barrel and disappeared in a good 12mm or so before the rifling stopped them and they didnt shoot that well either although only tried the back garden of about 15 yrds, the exacts are a lovely fit and nicely thumb into place but i will try some others just to be sure i got the right set up. There is'nt as many pellets to choose from in .20 but these guns prefer heavies the premiers / accupels were 14.5 grain but not sure what the heaviest pellet in .20 is ? 21 grains maybe............. Anyway just thought I would let you know how it went, just a case now of informing the farmer that there is very few rabbits so he can place me on a better section of his thousands of acres
  9. If you are ok with a screwdriver and soldering irons you'll have it looking brand new again in no time they sell all spare parts, and soldering even for a beginner is fairly easy ..... Deano
  10. well done mate love woodie shooting and tree rats ......... Deano
  11. Cheers, Im on the mend now hopefully so will get to this new perm 2moro arvo for a good few hours.......... Deano
  12. I had a long break from shooting and pretty much sold up all my gear for a metal detector but soon got bored with that so come back to shooting and luckily 2 of these landowners were from my shooting days and were fine with it but did manage to bag another small pasture site with a quick knock and invited in for a cup of tea with a lovely old couple who have many rabbits and could'nt of been more helpful and obliging plus I have a face that fits I guess, i think a lot of its in the way you look and they way you ask / speak etc but always try these little pasture sites with a few horses on they can be very good little sites to always bag a bunny or 2 ...... Good luck hope you find something soon, Deano
  13. Worse pain ever is toothe ache or should I say ( old tooth hole ache )
  14. Planned to go out saturday morning, have a new permission farmer was phoned and message left but no reply at first ? Anyway on Thursday I had 2 tooth extractions that I seem to of been waiting over 6 months for as I have problems with bleeding badly for over a week afferwards so it was arranged to be done at the hospital, in I went thurs had injection to numb the area extractions done in less than 10 mins no pain and the socket was filled with sterile material and then stitched over..........job done or so I thought. He said to avoid infection he would prescribe antibiotics and noticed I have a penecillin allergy and to Metronizadole another type but what did he prescribe ........Metronizadole ? I never even looked at the box just took and after about 3 tablets started feeling unwell with uncontrolable shaking, by now its friday night and the pain was worsening so I biked 8 miles to A and E for some better pain killers then 8 miles back whilst feeling totally sick and bad, got in could'nt sleep all the time becoming more agitated and stressed, then about 3am I let dog out the garden and ''BANG'' massive sharp chest pain which made me grab my chest and could barely move now cold sweats and shakes were so bad I woke my partner and she rang an ambulance, they were here in minutes and put me on an ECG machine and gave me angina spray under the tongue, then said it looked ok but they'll take me in for more tests..... After blood tests and more ecg's they said it could of been an allergic reaction to the metronizadole which I said he prescribed even though my notes clearly stated the allergy causing ones including this one, ( someones going to get a mouth full monday morning ) or a stinking letter of complaint, but they also noticed a squeak like sounding heartvalve and said i may have an enlarged heart due to hard excercise etc, that I need to see my GP about to arrange tests etc ( Anyway whilst in the hosp farmer rang me and said he got message I explained my situation and he said no worries get well soon and come out soon as you can, so after being in hospital all night and most of saturday morning they finally dis-charged me but teeth were badly infected and face was swollen like a hoarding hamster, so today i went to out of hours dentist who took out a swollen ball of this sterile material that had exploded like a volcano and got to the size of a large marble but stitches holding it in, anyway she cut the stitches and removed this ball of blood soaked gunk and AAAAARGH instant relief no pain and antibiotics I am allowed finally kicked in doing their job, all in all a nightmare I never want to relive ever again .....hoping to get out 2moro afternoon till lights out ...fingers crossed...... Deano
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