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    Brancaster & Wells Next The Sea

    You would need to acquire some common rights for the area or know a local or club member to take you out, I have a guest out there nxt week if you have some shooting to swap I could poss arrange a flight or two
  2. Double four

    Looking For Day Out Shooting Geese

    I don't know what you boys are all fired up about , looks to me that all this les is doing is a bit of inland tame goose bashing,its nothing to do with wildfowling and belongs in pest control . Good on you Les I say , the more tame penguins and bread lags you and your oppos take out there will be less coming on my land putting proper geese off.
  3. Double four

    Lincoln 10 Gauge Multichoke For Sale

    Russell sent you a message
  4. Double four

    glevum incubator

    Thanks for the responce lads only just seen them not been on the gaamekeeeping section for a while. sorry the glevum superior is not for sale mate Minzy i would appreciate a copy if poss, cheers mate DF
  5. Double four

    cluelite and 12v 12ah battrey

    £ 20 ? just for the lamp as its got no fag lighter fitting, and i will pick it up today live i very close to you
  6. Double four

    reloading equipment

    Hi mate im interested what has he actually got what make etc . cheers bob
  7. Double four

    striker lamp

    Hi is the lamp still available ?
  8. Hi all iv been given a 1930s glevum wooden cabinet parrafin incubator, and would like to give it a go with some goose eggs has anybody got any experience of them and any tips ( apart from using a modern one) ! thanks in advance DF
  9. Double four

    The double

    Nice one foxdropper, did the same trick about 7 years ago on a estate in lincolnshire, very satisfying