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  1. Two nice bitches there mate! Good luck in looking for a male for her
  2. Nice them mate! Good luck for the season coming mate
  3. He's a cracker him mate strong looking dog him mate
  4. I use then but ent used them for abit as had a shit season so far lol
  5. I live in Berkshire and I am finding it hard to get permission round here just like everyone I have found permission is hard to come by
  6. I like him mate very nice head on him
  7. that's a cracking looking dog telling you now would love a russell like this one tbh
  8. got mine off this site cheap and decent aswell http://www.kennelstore.co.uk/shop/galvanised-dog-pens/4-sided-pens/without-roof
  9. yh mate i was just thinking the same tbh. wats this place come to
  10. just a head up found this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-17378386
  11. sorry to here that mate. the good die young. R.I.P
  12. any word yet mate? ill keep an eye out dnw here atb
  13. hello im in bracknell its not far from you ill keep an eye and ere to out for it and put the word around . atb hope your mate gets them back. atb
  14. hope she turns up mate. is it okif post a link on al over facebook on the huntin sites on there ? atb
  15. i no wat your sayin but i didnt breed him i got him as a american bulldog then when i went to pick him up they told me he had pitbull in him. n from wat i can see he is a good enough gaurd dog .
  16. it sounded like he was. and he has more am bulldog in him then pit and hes a nice dog inless he is told not to be.
  17. ahahah Just to make you aware.....a " pit " is a natural or artificial hole/cavity in the ground.....not a breed of dog Sounds like a recipe for bad news to me why people use breeds of dog that have no background whatsoever in guarding as guard dogs ive never understood. well at the end of the day if i want a dog like this then i will and he dose his job thats fine for me. so you can go on slag off [bANNED TEXT] esles dog.
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