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    well i like to go out terrier working n i do like a good dig

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  1. Two nice bitches there mate! Good luck in looking for a male for her
  2. Nice them mate! Good luck for the season coming mate
  3. He's a cracker him mate strong looking dog him mate
  4. I use then but ent used them for abit as had a shit season so far lol
  5. I live in Berkshire and I am finding it hard to get permission round here just like everyone I have found permission is hard to come by
  6. I like him mate very nice head on him
  7. that's a cracking looking dog telling you now would love a russell like this one tbh
  8. got mine off this site cheap and decent aswell http://www.kennelstore.co.uk/shop/galvanised-dog-pens/4-sided-pens/without-roof
  9. yh mate i was just thinking the same tbh. wats this place come to
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