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    Roe stalking,roughshooting,beating,bushing,salmon fishing
  1. oneshot

    Nettle stings

    spot on,used to have to give my terrier 1/2 tablet, worked a treat Thanks for the advice.A mate recomended piriton and it worked great.Well Recomendeed keeping some handy.
  2. oneshot

    Nettle stings

    My one year old ESS had a bad reaction to what I think was nettle stings.She was running around scrapping her paws and chewing them. I can only think it is the young nettles coming through that she is reacting to? Any advice on how to treat this?
  3. oneshot

    Dogwatch Alert

  4. Find a local shoot get to know the gamekeeper offer to help out beeting feeding etc,He will pass the knowledge to you.
  5. oneshot


    No dont see the point
  6. Syndicte place wanted aberdeenshire area .Walk one drive one available to help out with feeding,pens,vermin,dogging in etc.Second gun available if required.
  7. Grampian have provided me with variations within two days on a couple of occassions
  8. oneshot

    Roe..Red Stag

    Deker The .243 is an excellant deer callibre and you carried out a thankless task professionally . Your only mistake was posting the pics. ATB
  9. oneshot

    Silver L200 Canopy

    I am looking for a silver canopy for my 05 L200. Will travel N.E Scotland.
  10. oneshot

    Coming off puppy food

    it usually gives clear indications on the bag and depending on the breed I would say between 12 months and 18 months (assuming beta do a junior diet to move up to). Thanks for the advice.
  11. oneshot

    Coming off puppy food

    My puppy is on beta puppy.What age should the pup be changed to Adult food.I have been told it should be when the adult teeth are in?
  12. oneshot

    Introducing Stop whistle

    Thanks for the advice makes good sense. I wont put any pressure on the dog at this stage.
  13. oneshot

    transport box

    Tend to get what you pay for. Trans K9 do quality kennals and transit boxs that will outlast your dog.
  14. oneshot

    Introducing Stop whistle

    Thanks for all the advice.I wont rush things and will get a couple of DVDs to get me started.
  15. oneshot

    Introducing Stop whistle

    Thanks for the advice .I will try the recall as you sugest.Any other advice on dos and donts at this age appreciated.