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  1. cornishtrapper

    Digging Tool

    i cut one of those spades down 4 years ago bloody good bit of kit ;-)
  2. cornishtrapper

    Uk Traps

    I've had no problem with them, very well made traps very very impressed with the quality you won't be disappointed
  3. cornishtrapper

    Bald Patches

    Could be feeding it to much protein ?
  4. cornishtrapper

    Best Trap For Mink / Stoat

    I've made a wire mesh tunnel with a Mk 6 fenn set inside where you think it got in, and closed the other end of so that it won't catch any of your chickens, the mink that I thought was taking my chickens happend to be 5 feral ferrets
  5. cornishtrapper

    How To Get Rid Of Mange

    I've used advantage got it of eBay
  6. cornishtrapper

    Some Fight On Little Rod

    Is that your bait ?
  7. cornishtrapper

    Duck Traps

    I've used a small funnelled pheasant type cage trap with pigeon Bob wires on so they couldn't find there way out
  8. cornishtrapper

    Red Mills

    Total crap made my lurchers shit through the eye of a needle and had problems with them getting cramps
  9. cornishtrapper

    Catching Jacdaws

    Get the birds used to going in and out of the trap first , I prebait my trap for a week first , I use chopped maize as bait but if they are eating horse feed you could try that, I would also cover the feed that they are eating now to encourage them to go into the trap good luck
  10. cornishtrapper

    Dog Mange

    My lurchers picked up mange last Christmas I used stronghold from the vet and it cleared it up in a few days also advantage also works ,it takes a few days for the dogs to stop scratching as the mite is still under the skin
  11. cornishtrapper

    Fox snares, buy or build...?

    i was wandering that???
  12. cornishtrapper

    Cocker wont put weight on

    google satin balls
  13. cornishtrapper

    trapped a ferret

    i cault a ginger one today that had killed some chickens thats the seventh one this year that ive trapped
  14. cornishtrapper

    Fox snares, buy or build...?

    i find that i cannot buy the quality of snares that i make myself , and that ive then got the chioce of how long i make them whot type of lock i use and the chioce of hard or soft wire
  15. cornishtrapper

    Fox deterrant/repellant

    electric fence