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  1. mad_dog_bailey

    Photon 6.5X50 With Add On Ir

    have you still got the xt mate
  2. mad_dog_bailey

    edited by paulus

    you need to be a donator to advertise pups on this forum, the advert also need to be in the livestock section, donate via the store button. regards paulus
  3. mad_dog_bailey

    Male whippet 3yrs old

    interested in yor dog mate where u at?
  4. mad_dog_bailey

    Fishing gear

    i am very interested in your fishing gear and was wondering if there was any chance you would be able to post it to me if so how much would it cost to send it to telford just for the curiosity how far is bristol from telford ? cheers mate
  5. mad_dog_bailey


    would you do a swop for a logun s16
  6. mad_dog_bailey

    saluki x dog

    the father to that dog is a dog out of lucky the dark destroyer and a bitch called tipper to a greyhound bitch and that dog come off a man called bulldog and its ----
  7. mad_dog_bailey

    saluki x dog

    hive got the sister to that dog mate
  8. mad_dog_bailey

    gun for swap

    i have a logun s-16 complete with gun bag, eclipse scopes 2.5- 10 x 56 made by hawkes also one magazine are looking to swap for another gas gun , excellent condition well looked after
  9. mad_dog_bailey

    begal x for sale or swap

    i used to own that dog mate and he is,nt 16 months old he,s 7 months old did you have him off a bloke called bulldog by any chance?
  10. mad_dog_bailey

    long net

    have you still got the longnet for sale
  11. mad_dog_bailey


    have you still got the net for sale mate
  12. mad_dog_bailey

    webley fx2000

    any pictures mate