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  1. The dam is a real nice sort mate looks cracking hope all works out and the bitch has no problems Atb taffyboi Love to know what a rabbit dog looks like
  2. I like to just Abel to see the pin bones and ideally the last two three ribs my dog runs at 78lb that's his ideal working weight
  3. what you mean it ran away from you, No not exactly mate, the dog just didn't know when to stop didn't hunt up just kept running, so I now only use my day dogs in the day and my lamping dogs in the night,
  4. I wouldn't personally I lost a good coursing dog on the lamp so neva agen will I make the same mistake, slipped the dog he went bout 3 fields untill eventually ran out of the beam
  5. As sed there working dogs if you work dogs at break neck speeds pursuing quarry at any time day or night then your eventually will end up with some sort of injury all part and parcel with working dogs, only a few weeks ago I slipped my dog he didn't come back walked the direction he ran to find him hanging from a double barbed wire fence from his back legs lucky enuff only a few holes and lil skin tear, but if I had a pound for evry stitch or skin staple my dogs have had I'd be well off
  6. How much these pups mate and we're abouts you from?
  7. Had this book now a while read it cover to cover at least 10 times very good read and some really good pictures now some one else can enjoy it, it's a sighened copy written buy j.Darcy 80qwid Taffyboy
  8. All ready have a bonnie, and Clyde is summert of the future thanks any way mate
  9. Thanks JD I know it's a night mare carnt think of a name. What pup you getting? Alb with the new 1 mate Taffyboi
  10. Having a bit of trouble hear never been stuck befor but I carnt chose a name for my 2 pups both litter mates a dog and a bitch just looking for some ideas thanks
  11. Beddy x whippet or whippet x greyhound, loads of lil rabbiting dogs really but them two are just my prefferd xs for rabbits they take some beating
  12. probably the most stupid post ive ever read on bull crosses :yes: Defiantly
  13. Ive just had 1 of my dogs toes removed on the front he seems to be doing fine healed lovley wont run him till next year now thu, Atb taffyboi
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