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  1. the problem is socks people want to now al bout your business and not worry bout they own but you always get some people that think they way is the only way atb themayor
  2. yo black buck people like me go on it people like nuttal and them that ruin the dog world and people like you [BANNED TEXT] up they arse i hardly post anything on here because everyone one got diffrent opinions and my opinion is if i was giveing them away anyone would cime and have one but if i put that price then i now people who really want them and look after them will only want them but if i gave them away it would be wrong you would all be saying iving them away you now any tom dick and harry will have them then thwy will be passed around you cant do [BANNED TEXT] for bloody wrong on here
  3. and if you ask a certen person whos ribbing me he was looking for beagles 2/3 years ago i told him he cancome down and pick 3/4 up for nothing off if it was helping him out but it was a bit far to travel
  4. now the boss is not hanging on my shoulder [BANNED TEXT] i writeing use your head boys stupid price noone intrested shitty comments back to you lot surley it dont take a geniuss to work it out
  5. i didnt now i had to tell you i keeping sorry bout that
  6. nope not 1 i keeping the last 3 that still here so rry i didnt now i had to tell you i was keeping any
  7. it just not bout selling it the same if some wants to buy a dog you put the breed of your choice and they start off bout that i wouldnt have one of them if you paid me good i not buying it for you i buying it for me so trot on dont mean to rant but i cant help it i just saying what i see
  8. 1 in 20 is being genrous ha ha
  9. fair point praps i cant be bothed to write they names
  10. if they not intrested in them there noneed to comment and like i said they on here all day saying if he that good why you selling him if he garanteed why you getting rid of him it simple if they dont want it shut up mind they own business
  11. look at goldfinch hes on fire tonight
  12. most of them and i cant spell most of they names i got a job to say half never mind spell them ha ha
  13. why s it when ever some trys to sell somthing on here the usual numptys got to go on them and start they normal nonsence but they forget when you tried to help them with dogs some how they just turn into mister now it all unless your a proper pedlar on here they just try and put you down atb themayor
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