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  1. amazing is right, my buddy has a few different ones, he bought one a few years ago and used it to lamp a rabbit with my old bitch unbelievable great as back up or for emergencies
  2. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/k6Cjzuzq-WY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> This would be the challenge for me.
  3. I think that joe and Terry will have the competitors check in on the day and then the names will be a draw the heats. The list is not compiled in any order. Will you be up hoped to see you there. The club members have done alot of hard work i wish them all the best. Joe informed me this evening that the mower was out today cutting the grass for the track and show rings. ground show be soft going with the bit of rain we have had.today.
  4. should be a good day I wish the best for the organising committee look forward to the day having a bit of craic and see the first six champions take their titles.
  5. hope to see a good turn out for this show. Joe and Terry and the rest of the club members have put a great deal of work and time into this show. Hopefully it will be the start of of a long and successful annual event. Any other enquiries should be made to joe or terry on the numbers provided on the flyer.
  6. Sporting Whippet Club N.I. Whippet qualifiers for 32 counties Champion of Champions 2010 QUALIFIERS FOR SHOWING Tracy Gill – Tia Janet Duke – Dante Graham Meek – Merlin Anne Forsythe – Jade Brendan O’Hara – Cody Paul Reynolds – Slaney Nikki Erwin – Zak QUALIFIERS FOR RACING Vixen – Janet Duke Cody – Liz & Eddie Mckinstry Buddy – Liz & Eddie Mckinstry Jess – Jimmy Murtagh Blue – Michael Quinn Many thanks to Janet for returning this
  7. Yes thats right the members of the NWLTC hope to get down to Ballymacad on the 12th sounds like it will be a great day.
  8. could anyone with a contact for Matt that runs this show please drop me a pm the North west terrier and Lurcher club show organiser Joe needs to contact him and he has changed his mobile. I would like to forward the show organisers number to Matt.
  9. All judges will be anounced on the day of the show.. But a great deal of thought has been put into getting good judges and I hope that the competitors will be satisfied on the day.
  10. Myself and a few others from the NWLTC hope to make it up to this day to reciprocate the great support the Whippet club has shown for the 32 County Championship.
  11. There has been alot of hard work indeed by Joe Terry and the rest of the team, I myself have only joined in to give a hand as they were needing a bit of computer skills and a bit of help to run the lure which I hope goes well on the day.
  12. Try to come up if you can. I know its a bit of a trek but the club will be doing all it can to make it a worthwile trip and an enjoyable day for all.
  13. Thanks very much folks.I hope to see you all there. Myself and joe have been working on the advertising and barry and his girls distributed a few hundred flyers. The entire team has been out preparing the ground and the race course it is over 350 yards long and has been completley fenced with a solid sheep netting and topped with two strands of bull wire to prevent dogs or people crossing the track and to also stop competing dogs from running through the crowd. There will be a specialised mower on the track before the day to ensure some real fast racing and strong competition I hope that all o
  14. unfortunately the club did not consider the possibility of multiple wins and made no provision for reserve dogs to compete in this event or if a champion decided not to we hope this can be the case next year attend
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