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  1. 3 hours ago, trigger2 said:

    I am looking into getting a new double kennel and run in the next couple of months and was just wondering if folk on here could put in the right direction to get decent set up at a fare price.

    i ain’t sure weather to buy a complete kennel and run. my other option is to buy a separate set of run sections then get the local shed builder to make me a kennel to fit the run.

    So where’s the best place to buy my new set up from?

    got some good pen sections for sale trigger




  2. Well lads pups have done really well, only 4 left at home, 1 i am keeping myself and Chunky off here is traveling all the way from Devon tomorrow and coming to pick out one , hope he thinks its worth it, we shall see.  This one went tonightP1010206.JPG.362010210715e2a115dd6435b6b50b93.JPGP1010221.JPG.60e78f1d613d870d776a9db72bea4f7e.JPG

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  3. 2 hours ago, W. Katchum said:

    Sorry to waste your time pal o couldn’t do one justice with this young dog here already, another time I’d have bit your hand off an been one your used by now, like I said tho let me know if you ever wanna mooch about with the parents or your pup. I’d really like to see them 😁

    i only have the bitch, the dog belongs to a lad over Keighley, but love to take you up on a ratch about sometime 

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  4. Ran em to ground a few times, best one i remember was over 40 yrs ago in a wood , problem was we had a terrier running with the lurchers and it got to the hole before we did and followed it down, now i have done a fair bit of terrier work over the yrs and i will tell you now this dog took a hell of a pounding before we got it out, we had to kill the hare as it was mauled on its arse end , allways sticks in my mind this creature really deserved to live.

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