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  1. A greyhound fighting on the track doesn't mean they are game a few will be .but most fight because they are not chasing the artificial lure 100 per cent and some of them are not so great on live stuff these days
  2. your greyhound trainers 100% right , I have had a few greyhound brood bitches do the same, dont worry, And if i remember rightly one of my wifes also had this complaint when she was in pup lol.
  3. 500 What Who Where read it properly 500 views on this thread and a lot of people doing the like this post ticked on this thread now theres 845 who have read this thread and your the are only one being funny.,I wrote it used to a bit rough when the pubs turned out ,not its the new bronx of britain !!! I started this thread to say that the press was saying harlows a racist town witch its not. And we are to have 2 polish police here, l wonder if an English man was killed in poland if our goverment would send 2 of our coppers out there .no chance. Im off out now getting the dogs ready for the winter. I cant be fcked to keep justifiying myself to one person out of 845 views. I promise you .The One ,i will never write on here again so you will have to find someone else to be awkward to Bye Bye.....
  4. Craic yes we are talking about the same place.As for the dorset thing i was spending alot of time there when the misses registerd my acount on here. I see the irish flag under your name where abouts are you from .ive spent a while over there and have friends in the north and south.
  5. Craic well sald,that is what i was trying to say at the begining of this thread. Gnasher16 i got my figures from the nationel statistics published by the daily mail under Harlow has the highest precentage of polish .Chick on that and read from top to bottom. I was surprised by the figures myself, and after you have read this prohaps you will realise im not talking bullshit and ive just gone through this thread again and you seem to just contradict and disbeleaved me. Last time i looked over 500 had read this and plenty of liked this remarks your the only one that has picked holes in it.Why would you coment on a thread you say you can not understand .?
  6. My figures come from the daily mail,there was about 25 kids there that night and more some nights l no this for a fact as i live 300 yard from where it happened. As for the traveller thing one of the kids arestted is a mixed raced traveller living in a house 100yards from me.And theres a lot more nice areas other than just old harlow.As travellers i dont see what point you where trying to make? If you are only 8 or 9 miles away one day have yourself a walk in the woods behind the fire station or the woods near the stow and then tell me im not right in what im saying.I dont no if the kids started it or not i was just saying there may be another side to what has been reported.1m 58 years young so i grew up here in 70s/ 80s so i no the pubs where a little bit rough at the end of a night out, dont no about these days as i havent had a drink for 10 years.As for the travellers,the first site here wouldnt of had 20 plots on it and the later one may be 5 more not that massive number of them.. I tryed to put the view across that this town is not as bad as the press where making out to be.The travellers local have never been much trouble here,the town was a mess when the irish lot were pulling on ever bit of grass but thats now stopped.My best friend of 40 plus years is a traveller of that first site so over the years ive got to know alot of them some some bad some good so unless im a total prick i should have a fair view of them. I now think that i am a racist not to the poles ,coloured people or travellers but to all the people that that think the english people should come last!!!!!!!
  7. There is no proof that the death of a polish man was a race crime.The police have had complaints for months about kids hanging around in groups in several shopping centres around the town and done nothing This town has got one of the highest populations of polish in the country i think its one in seventeen people in harlow is polish !!! So theres a good chance there going to be some trouble involving them, im not saying its right what has happened but it could have happened to anyone around this town of any race. Mainly down to lack of police and them doing anything that the locals had complained about ie the gangs of kids.The other side of the story that local people have heard is that the polish men where told to leave the pub tried to take one of the kids bikes and acting up because they were pissed and thats why it started .what ever is the truth the man shouldnt of lost his life.But the polish do there selfs no favours by sitting around in groups drinking in the shopping centres and every bit of wood land around and in this town has polish drinking dens where they get together and get pissed around a fire leaving heaps of cans and drink bottles and polish food wrappers every where.People used to cut through these woods and walk there dog there,They dont now!!! It boils my piss that as soon as a imigrant get any trouble it a race crime,nothing said about last year when the polish were chasing 12 to 14 year old kids around with golf clubs threatning to cave there heads in.Or a inbred prick who stabbed his pregnant ex in her stomach and butcherd her to death didnt get a mention in the news.Or when the polish wrecked a essex pub and bit a mans ear off.The police do f,ck all ive lived here for 40 plus years on and off and it always been a bad place when the pubs turned out or if you went in differant area pubs This town was built for familys from all over London its always been a funny place to live. Rant over i supose this will come over that im a racist which im not i just wish press would report it fairly. Tonight news was Harlows people carnt come to terms with the hate crimes what a load of bollocks and our wonderful MP haflon who was done for fiddling his exspensis taking some tart aboard on his Mp exspenise he doesnt even live in this town yet hes been all over the news talking like a twat. Im not a racist again just saying what some people are saying here.im sorry for the man and his family it shouldnt of happened but this town not all racist like press make out
  8. Ive just been reading this and i see that sugarfires grand mother was silkys hurricane who i owened a half share with my mate neil and i also trained her. This bitch was brought at hackney sales by us after a gamble on a dog i trained the night before called kileden logic.she won her second race backed from 9/2 to odds on, we then took her to henlow in a puppy open the same night my mate neil had his lower leg amputated.she won and neil had £400 on at 12/1 the next morning he rang a taxi to pick up the sporting life and bring it to the hosptal to get the results.I then got greedy and got 6 mates to enter a dog each in a open race at wisbeech flapping track, we stopped 5 of the runners and the other one was silkys hurricane, she won but only by a 11/2 lenghts she came off lame and an xray showed she had chipped a bone in her wrist witch she never came back from.We mated her to fearless action but none of them really chased on the track one bitch i gave away became a decent lamper and caught plenty of hares and rabbits bushing with terriers before she got stolen
  9. When you can only get a semi hard on and you tell the wife it must be the blood pressure pills !!!!
  10. Wouldnt you be better off using his mother to a dog of you choice and that way you might get more of your lines through from the genes from the dams side
  11. Could a mod pin this because it might help someone out in the future thanks
  12. Ive just had 2 dogs picked up from shropshire to essex by R.S.B. greyhounds Defra licensed with oversized cages, covering england and wales Steve 07542359020. Ste@hotmail com.He gave 100% service picked up and deliverd bang on time, and hes based in wolverhampton
  13. I was in a pub one day after a local hunt meet and the conversation got round to middle aged hairy beavers .a few of the lurcher,terrier boys amitted to riding one of the hunt rider followers , one of the boys shouted out dont go there shes got so much cover down there you could loose a fox,pack of hounds and the huntsman in her covert !!!! My mate then turned around and reconed when his gun was cocked and ready to enter her cover he swears a woodcock flew out !!! I was working the terriers with my mate at that time and i jacked and blatently refused to ever put my little terrier in her bush atb rooster
  14. I pulled a 43 year old when i was 18 and after i gave her what i thought was a good seeing to. She started talking about her kids and the youngest one went to the local school, i said to her do you no the caretaker? To which see replied yes his names dave and ive been fishing with him and he used to shag me on a tartan blanket. Dave the caretaker was my DAD and the tartan blanket was my MUMS picnic blanket !!!
  15. Im watching her on tv rigth now, I just shouted out go on suck a spoon just as the old women came in the front room, lm in the dog house now
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