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  1. Setanta you're 100%. With this Facebook, magazines and books it's fukd. Tandragee men told me yer man Philpott and his cronies had piles of pitbull magazines and even bought the Dead Game book.
  2. Sound big man. Last I saw him was at the show in Waterford. First wheaten pup we bought was through Jacky.
  3. If that's so what a pity. Decent looking dogs. The dog reminds me of a bitch I had.
  4. Why? I only said I looked at the fellas page and if he is working dogs like this he is well into wheatens, imo.
  5. Just had a look at his page, fella seems well into working wheatens.
  6. He's the double of a dog I got 40 years ago off a staff/Glen mating. Decent wee dog.
  7. Cracking job lads.Stainless is the way to go. Hope you get a nice brew from it.
  8. Rip Rik Mayall.Does anyone remember " The Yob".GReat craic from those boys
  9. Great pic moxy.look how plain the wagons are in that pic to today's wagons
  10. Signed.Arsenal football club should have looked for the facts before reaching a decision
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t13PTrgMdz4 Heres a true blues man
  12. http://www.rpmillmaker.com Heres a link to a site makes them
  13. Cant beat the old Gaeltacht for the craic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1A6__HssHW8
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