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  1. I bought Feather off kippers mate Fred at 12 months old in '90' Kipper got him back in '92'and ran him hard until '95'and when he was passed his best i ended up getting him back for breeding. When Cruiser passed away i let Kipper take Feather back to keep the line down there and after that i wasn't sure where Feather ended up and what bitches he had covered as i lost contact with Kipper. Do you know if there was any decent stuff off him and is the Feather/Cruiser lines still kicking about??????? he endedup in bishop auckland or smewere round that area thers 3 sons of his dauther flo and 1 bitch no more that i no ov I have a 17mth. old dog sired by a dog called sam. sam is buddy x indie. dame to him is roxy. can anyone give me any info on sam? think someone from durham owns him. thanks.
  2. lamping! a mongrel can do that! if your dog can only lamp i would not consider keeping it.daytime is where it's important.
  3. thank you all very much for all your help any more suggestions please don't worry about it, i am semi-retired tree surgeon, used to get spiked with blackthorn from time to time, salt water will sort it!!!
  4. merlin x eve.are these dogs as good as they were or are they past it now? progency i mean!
  5. does anyone know if cheshire forest meet is still on for boxing day?
  6. yeah!! that's what i thought ended it, was it the gypsy's that used to fight every year? think it all finished in early 's?
  7. Chalkwarrens a past winner of Lambourn, the NLRC sell the Lambourn book that David Hancock produced. About £12 I think, good read. thanks, he must have had a real nice dog to have won that show!
  8. Anyone remember lambourn show? this was a brilliant venue, great crack,some top dog's on show. I remember going in local pub at night, all full of flat racing jockeys about 4 feet tall!!! why can't we get this show on again? anybody got old photo's from lambourn show?
  9. nice one lofti! do you think your two will do ok on daytime coursing? you can come over to have a day out with us sometime if you fancy it? my young dog is in double figures in his first season,not rabbit's though. regards, ex.
  10. thanks snoopdog, he looks a smart dog!!
  11. does anyone have photo's of c. n's bitch roxy? also any info. about her please. i have a young dog bred from sam x roxy but know little about the parents, thanks.
  12. :thumbdown:don't like it!!!
  13. replied to this bloke, rang him four times! no reply! bullshitter i'm afraid.
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