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  1. I think that the conclusion is to be a bit flexible and on the look out for anything collie, beddy, whip or whip / grey and not be too fussed about which when one comes along. Those pictures are outstanding though, exactly where I want to get to in a couple years!
  2. Torch factory do the evo range which are pretty good and you can choose the lamping kit and get a mount (which is a bit basic) and an extended tail switch. I bought the 67mm - don’t do that it’s a great big numb thing but it does do something like 350m, wish I had done the 50mm but there is also a smaller one with a bit less range so all depends on how far you want to shoot. I had a nigh master previously that I dropped in some forestry one night and I think the Evo is maybe marginally better but mine is bigger so not sure how a similar sized one would stack up. They
  3. We are up North East Scotland so looking for something with a bit more jacket and a bit more hardy for forestry sites than a straight whippet although for the actual rabbiting it would be ideal. Appreciate that it’s always going to be a compromise but being new to lurchers I’m just trying to get some thought together. Ask me about Gundogs and I’d be happy to go my own way!
  4. Unfortunately I don’t want one that badly!
  5. No I don’t really know I don’t want a straight collie but I’m looking for feedback on a beddy cross, collie cross or even a mixture of the two (but I’ve always wondered about the half cross to half cross having a likelihood of ending up with mostly your non running dog in a pup) The picture you put up is just the sort of stamp I like the look of but I’m looking for advice if they would train up like I want with them being terrier / runner being less biddable. Looks aren’t everything.
  6. Hell of a dog’s and I love to see them working stock but other than that I’m not a great fan.
  7. It’s the finding litters that’s the hard part!
  8. Don’t really like collies other than chasing livestock about, no real logic other than that and the fact I want to have a lurcher not a collie. Would also be haft not to worry about gunshot - many folk shoot around their lurchers? I know collies can be a bit funny about that sort of thing
  9. LM - I think that’s basically what I’m looking for!
  10. What’s the chances of essentially getting a collie x beddy from that breeding because of the two 50%’s?
  11. Sounds ideal LM. I know that the best laid plans and all that but I would ideally like to train it like I would a lab, steady and walk at heel or hunt about but not chase everything that moves (appreciate that might not be possible) until the time comes when ferreting or lamping. I work a lab for deer and put a harness on him when it’s tracking / tackling time so he associates the difference and being allowed to tackle a deer as opposed tk normally where that would be less than ideal. I thought I would try the same thing with a collar for a lurcher. collar on means best behavio
  12. I’m planning to breed a lab cross (as in a previous thread) in the future to a dog lab bitch we have but that’s probably 4/5 years away. Beddy cross would tick a lot of boxes and I like the idea pretty perfectly. I’m just used to dogs that a ‘trainable’ and Don’t want something that is purely a dog that will chase everything. It will need to take a lesson and be pretty much steady when it’s not working - would that be possible?
  13. .... depends if you were meant to be there or not that looks the right sort of thing. What’s the breeding like? I like the idea of decent amount of brains so not 100% sure if a lot of beddy would be as good as a collie for my use? not so much heavy cover and nettles but we do clearance in forestry plantings so often mounded, crap about the place. Not the sort of ground for a big dog to wind up to top speed, would need acceleration and turning ability.
  14. I’m quite looking forward to something a bit different to gun dogs! We will often take a lab or a spaniel ferreting or mooching but a) I’d like something that will catch things itself b) I want a lurcher because I’ve always wanted one.
  15. I’m looking for a rabbiting dog in the not too distant future. Zero interest in anything bigger than a rabbit and mostly ferreting work. Want something that would have a decent bit of brains, ideally something i could train to a point to take out with gundogs and not chase everything that moves (taking them with it), maybe even pick up game a bit. Decent coated for the Scottish weather and the work is on pretty broken shitty ground so nothing fragile. I’m thinking along the lines of a half collie x grey/whip but not adverse to something else in there like a beddy,
  16. Quick update. ‘Locator is buggered I’m afraid and as it’s a sealed unit there is nothing we can do to fix it. We do have a small stock of collars here, £88.99 plus £6.95 post if you would like to buy one let me know’ or words to that effect. disappointing as I half hoped they might do a bit of a deal on a replacement rather than full market price - glad I bought 2 from game and country last week
  17. Meant to say as well - looks like it’s working for you with the ferret as well as the dogs, working lovely together
  18. We shall see - probably give them a run and back them up with the hob they are living with so not relying on them alone and go from there. I’m usually a bit slow entering things to be fair, like to give them plenty time especially dogs and that just carries over got plenty ferrets to do the season so not the end of the world if they aren’t ready - cheers for the feedback.
  19. Fair enough, definitely will. These weren’t late kits and they are pretty wick things. I always just held them back a bit because that’s what I was told as a youngster.
  20. Sorry - not you, I meant that’s what I was always told. interested to know if giving them a run out in their first year would be any benefit as I’ve got 2 nice young hills from this year that might benefit from a run about
  21. Mk3 Collar(s) View Advert Appreciate that it’s not the best time to be looking but I’m after a couple mk3 collars (not fussed magnetic or not). of anyone have any surplus to requirements give me a shout. Cheers Dan Advertiser Dan Newcombe Date 15/10/20 Price £100,000,000.00 Category Ferreting Equipment  
  22. I always thought that you wouldn’t work kits until they are a year and a bit, ie. next season for this summers kits?
  23. Have emailed them and they have asked to send it back so we will see how we get on
  24. Awesome - can’t be much more than a year old. Is the half price offer regardless of age?
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