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  1. Will be there with my show ponys
  2. Anyone know if this show is any good its the North tyne hunt Hound and terrier show saturday 27th june its at simonburn.
  3. felldog

    new pup

    Nice pup mate.
  4. felldog

    game fairs

    It was on today mate
  5. Very nice dogs mate.
  6. felldog

    the dogs

    Simon the patterdale is looking well mate.
  7. Cracking pictures mate and very nice dog.
  8. felldog

    my young lakeland

    Very nice dog mate.
  9. felldog

    my pup

    Cracking dog mate.
  10. felldog

    My 19 month Lakeland

    Smart looking dog mate.
  11. Here are a few pictures of my 18 month old chocolate patterdale he is 14" at the shoulder and a real work horse. I think he is going to make a good dog fingers crossed
  12. felldog

    high hopes

    Thats one cracking pup.
  13. Here are couple of pictures of my 3 year chocolate patterdale bitch. She stands 10 1/2" at the shoulder she is the smallest of my dogs but is one of my hardest. She put 110 % into every thing she does.