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  1. Alwrite just to see if anyone has a list of shows that are coming up cheers
  2. Can anyone tell me when there are dogs shows start in Scotland cheers
  3. Hi there aye have a wooden box trailer for sale it is in good condition light all work it is 4 and a half ft long by 3 half wide by 3 half high in glasgow looking for 150 Ono thanks for looken
  4. My mate in glasgow has a patterdale bitch for sale 10 month old unspoiled mate 150 black rought coated bitch good in kennel mate
  5. My mate in glasgow has a patterdale bitch 10 month old unspoiled he wants 150 nice bitch kept in kennel mate black rought coat mate
  6. My mate has a patterdale bitch 10 month old unspoiled in Scotland 150 mate rought coat nice stamp of a bitch mate
  7. Hi there my mate has a 10 month old patterdale bitch rought coated good in kennel mate in Scotland 150 bitch unspoiled mate he's working all time and only getting out lamping so not fair on the terrier mate he got it from Sunderland at 6 weeks mate
  8. alwrite mate u still got the battery pack mate and where in hamiltion you from mate am in Blantyre mate
  9. Think Celtic will be caught out on the break because they need tae go for it might leave there self wide open
  10. Is there a lurcher or terrier show at this one
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