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  1. kangaroo leather falconry 0 Bids £0.99 +£3.00 Time left:6d 23h 14m
  2. kangaroo leather falconry 0 Bids £0.99 +£3.00 Time left:6d 23h 14m
  3. iv just been told of two of my freinds went out boxing day ferreting and lost a ferret with a collar on why you ask because they where to tight to replace the batteries even though they new they where very low so remember to replace them how much are batteries and how much is a collar
  4. chers mate first class nets for a goood price thanks again ill be getting more soon
  5. cheers mate been looking two days now no joy keep you posted
  6. iv lost my mhh whilst out walking in east sussex near new haven and pidinghoe area on thursday 17th dec been out looking for him no joy he has not got telematry on if seen please call 07941396932
  7. nice one jan look forward to meeting up soon as soon as im able to ill ring you
  8. you need to have out side avairy and covered area to my hawks are free in avairy but whe i do tie them down i have adry area as well in avairys where theyare out of wind and rain try to find someone near by to give you advice
  9. everiss

    09 male harris

    my hawk oz use to do that i found the best way was to put his weight down a little bit more i go out on my own alot and have worked out some things on my own but i am on the internationalm falcon forum and you do get alot of help there to i now have a thew people around where i live that i can ask but i wouldnt have none they where there if not for the forum try that as well
  10. well done keep it up cant wait till im over my opp 4 weeks till i get out there
  11. breeding pair harris hawks breed last 3 years male 9 female 6 for sale £600 tel Len on 07934180897 Newhaven East Sussex area
  12. nice bird hope you have lots of fun with her
  13. nice one foxy makes me want to get out there unfortunatly im laid up after opperation got to wait a nother 4 weeks keep to get my hawks out
  14. My freind has a breeding pair of harris hawks in east sussex area he has breed them for the past 3 years male 9 years old female 6years old he live in Newhaven east sussex area if anyone interested please contact Len on 07934 180897 £600 for the breeding pair Len breed my hawk oz he hunts at 1lb 8oz
  15. this is from last season not this season i havent been out this year layed up at moment just had opperation wont be out for 4 moor weeks
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