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  1. flyfree86

    Lamping But Weather Against Us

    top stuff and a top bag nice one
  2. flyfree86

    A Hour And A Half With The Pup

    smart looking pup millet and a great hour n half bit of work nice one.
  3. flyfree86


    shoulder cant be that bad. jks.lol... na thats a fantastic bag mate and hope ye dog gets right for ya. ATB
  4. flyfree86


    Awsome night bud... ive had a few feather with my little dog but not in that number brilliant
  5. flyfree86

    Lamping Last Night

    great post and pics mate...... brilliant
  6. flyfree86

    Another 1 1/2 Hour's And Her Best Yet

    awsome mate quailty bag
  7. flyfree86

    A Story To Share With You All..

    brilliant that mate
  8. flyfree86

    spar hunting

    have to add... i never threw her with alot of force (thats the reason they use the noose to hold there head straight) it was more like a fairy throw.lol.the main reason i choose to dart was to save her much needed energy...and it allowed me to choose the slip (y)
  9. flyfree86

    spar hunting

    i have darted a spar before. not with a noose though,i just basicaly used topick her up of the glove with my right hand,,,i found it handy in a lot of situations. but i only done this with one spar,my other were flown from fist,or occasional a tree.(y)
  10. nice one ill be going to that.im off to one in penrhyn bay,near llandudno tommorow.
  11. flyfree86

    new harris

    that avairy sounds ok to me mate so long as the birds fit enough to catch game.there quite happy teathered in a mews.
  12. flyfree86

    rspca my arse

    that makes me sick mate...... if only they would do that with all the cats they have??? the stupid idiots. sorry for your loss fella. have you made a complaint???
  13. flyfree86

    I cant decide what bop to get?,

    i gos would take alot more time to fly than a harris! i would say a male red.good allrounders too,they'll take feather as good as a harris. you cant beat a harris for practicallity. but you cant beat a true hawk for the flights...IMO.
  14. flyfree86

    my dog Trigger

    im not after a response im no attention seeker i just love working dogs
  15. flyfree86

    my dog Trigger

    well said trigger i totaly agree with you. a pup of any breed should be out as soon as poss. its natural. its made my day know there is someone who thinks like me. common sense is very important in any hunting sport!