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  1. Nice one mate good day out, i have just finished working for Dynamite baits last friday i worked as a shift manager on the boilie line for the last 4 years been bought out by rapala before christmas soon to be doing dynamite tackle.Use to like my match fishing mainly on the opens on the trent,newark dyke,little witham,but family commmitments,time,and the expense,even though i got my bait for nothing staff issue just do a bit of barbelling in the summer now plenty of ferreting in the winter and running my dogs
  2. JIM12

    gay lampers

    If you woke up face down in a field,trousers around your knees,and a jonny hanging out your arse would you tell anyone?
  3. Yes i would be depending on how far away you are mate
  4. Alright mate mine picks up the collars,but it seems out by a foot is there anyway of recalibrating it thanks jim
  5. Dogs not been lamping for over a month just been ferreting,went out last night and ran plenty just could not get one gutted!!!

  6. hows that pup Ray?,done any rabbiting yet been out twice its been tough digging,picked up 2 poley jills today they needs some handling should be ok try them out tomorrow hopefully

  7. i sent you pm mate

  8. what phone number you got now mate?

  9. what you been on with?

  10. It all depends if his birds are ferret safe been brought up with them,or he might fly the bird off the fist holding it back when ferret comes out.Lots of people fly birds over ferrets had some cracking sport with harris hawks and redtails in the past
  11. Just after some opinions on these 2 guns looking at spending about £700,its mainly going to be used for pigeon shooting and the odd beaters day thanks jim12
  12. Out lamping tonight cant wait

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