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  2. Hi im interested in this dog could you please send any pictures you have also what kind of height is the dog expected to reach, Thanks The dod is 3yrs old mate she wont be growing any taller.
  3. Where is the best place to buy them,and has anyone had some good results using them?
  4. What part of sussex are you in mate and what colour is he?
  5. where are you mate,how much ,dog or bitch what have you used the dog for?
  6. what area are you based mate im interesed in a dog pup.
  7. Where are you from mate? and what weight does she hunt at?
  8. What engine is in it mate and where adouts are you from?
  9. In my opinion a dog is only as good as the work you show it and the time you put into it,the quicker it will learn,they don't learn anything stuck in a kennell,I've had borders going to ground and working,until dug too at 11 months.You put the time in you will get good results.
  10. I've seen the parents to these pup's, both pups have got good heads,,well bred pups out of worker to worker,and in my opinion these pups will make good workers in the right hands.All the best mate you should sell em easily.
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