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  1. Ratreeper

    Dog For Sale

    It would have a home if you replied to my pm mate lol. Been waiting 3 days for you to reply to my last message.
  2. Ratreeper

    Ghost Slug

    KILL, KILL, KILL them all
  3. Ratreeper

    What A Fekin Carry On

    Not a great deal more sport flushing a half-tame, domestically bred bird though imo, I am talking bollocks though i have no experience but I have no love for that kind of 'hunting' whether it is thrown by hand or encouraged to fly by a beater.
  4. Ratreeper

    Another Tradgedy,

    Most rescues are pretty thorough and extremely cautious about where they rehome dogs, it is surprising anyone would think a 10 stone mastiff would thrive with a four year old in a flat, with someone clearly not able to physically control it if they had to. But more than that, they should have had the dog for a few months putting it through a variety of situations to assess its temperament, I can't believe a dog that would not only bite but go for the kill wouldn't show any signs of aggression if it was tested properly.
  5. Ratreeper

    What Would You Do About A Dog Pedlar Next Door?

    Sorry should also explain, the neighbour I know keeps patterdales that aren't exactly placid and quiet So I will have a look for myself, but so far I have no reason to doubt her because I can't work out any motive for her to lie or exaggerate. But anyway, point taken so I will see for myself before going off on one again. It should be easy enough to see the condition of the dogs so I will have a look this evening if I can.
  6. Ratreeper

    Ferreting Metal Trap

    I haven't used them myself but I have seen them on ferreting dvds a few times. The ones they had had 2-3 compartments and I can see why they might be useful, but like others have said unless you really need them it's much easier to carry a bag of nets. Plus it's more fun having to jump around like a goalkeeper, otherwise what exactly are you doing other than standing about waiting
  7. Ratreeper

    What Would You Do About A Dog Pedlar Next Door?

    Well at least there are mixed opinions . But firstly, I never said I would grass I just asked what others would do and let you know what others have already done to try and help. In fact I even pointed out how f***ing useless the RSPCA is in such cases. I am inclined to believe what I hear because the person who told me lives literally next door and has full view of the garden, but I do intend to see for myself. But in terms of minding my own business? Well go f**k yourself is all I can say to that, if I see someone beating an animal because they are a sadist c**t then I am not ashamed of going over and doing something about, why should I give a shit if that makes me unpopular? I wonder if the same commenters say the same in one of the million muslim threads on here, which as far as I can remember all go like this: "A group of Mussies have raped some local white girls and the authorities refuse to get involved" "Keep your nose out mate, none of your business better just make sure your own daughter doesn't get raped instead"
  8. Ratreeper

    What Would You Do About A Dog Pedlar Next Door?

    Well I am unsure if me getting involved would help anyway, so anyone reading this can rest assured I have absolutely no intention of doing anything illegal ever or ever have, I don't know of any illegal activity performed by others and nothing I say on this website can be taken seriously as I always lie and make things up for attention. Whistle smileys do not in any way refute this claim.
  9. Ratreeper

    What Would You Do About A Dog Pedlar Next Door?

    From what I have heard that's been done dozens of times by several different people, resulting in a lot of shouting matches and her boasting again about holidays. The authorities won't do anything since they have water available when they go round, I also heard someone let the dogs out before and now she keeps them padlocked 24/7. But the person I know said they were particular concerned last winter because they don't have any heating or real shelter so it isn't even dry, but as long as they have water it's OK by the law. Essentially she isn't doing anything illegal, but I don't really care because I don't think it's right to keep dogs in a small cage all year round without hardly any contact, never exercised and breeding from puppies as often as possible. Adding the fact she openly kicks them about is just another reason I want to get involved.
  10. Ratreeper

    English History

    Guy Fawkes was English...and it happened a long time ago. Therefore English History. And Google is American, not sure why they should give two shits about a small annual event held on a tiny island to 'remember remember' a failed attempt at terrorism
  11. Just wondering what your thoughts are before I sign up to ALF. The summary is that someone I know who lives in the same small village as me has told me about this vile ginger bitch who keeps dogs locked in a small cage in her garden next door to her. She has been seen being abusive to them (kicking them about) and apparently they whine and whimper all day, so far she only has a few dogs but breeds as many litters as she can and sells black labs at £550 and springers. She has been confronted by various people and she just boasts her dogs pay for her holidays, the police and RSPCA have also gone round and apparently can't do anything. I only heard about this yesterday and I am already formulating plans on what to do, because I am not the sort to just sit quietly if someone is being cruel to dogs. But realistically what can I do to help? I am pretty sure I could get the dogs out, but then what? They will probably be chipped so any rescue I take them to would send them back to her, or if I can find homes willing to take them then nothing stops her getting more dogs. I am at a bit of a loss..what would you do, no just what you would want to do. So no point saying 'I would go round and kick their teeth in, take the dogs and ride into the sunset on a quad bike getting head from your sister the whole time'
  12. Ratreeper

    Oh Deer

    Is it wrong that if this was filmed the video would probably have been hilarious? Why is it so funny when deer attack... I wonder if all the usual lot on here will say we need to eradicate the dangerous deer to 'SAVE THE CHILDREN PLEASE' like they do with teeny wee foxes
  13. Ratreeper

    Here We Go Again, Horse Meat!

    Why don't they just stick 'horse meat' on the label and carry on, do people really care that much considering I have seen hotdogs that list the ingredient as 'meat' before.
  14. Ratreeper

    Real Or Fake

    It's real, but I doubt this bear has been trained only with a few treats. I have seen a lot of training videos for circus animals and they all seem to get very harsh and cruel training to get them to that standard
  15. Just saw an ad for supplement to build muscle in dogs, or mostly pitbulls it seems. What kind of an asshole gives their dog supplements or even steroids? Any chance any of the people doing this aren't small, weak, insecure men? What happened to feeding a good diet and exercise? (not talking about game pits here, we all know about that I mean the pet owners wanting a 'hard' dog) https://vitaminsforpitbulls.com/ Or am I wrong and this is perfectly OK? I am often wrong so I can take it if I am, it just screams 'dickhead' to me...