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  1. wont 2 get rid of rest of pups......these pups will make good workers... 60 pound if any body wonts one...ta,,,
  2. Dog Couple more pups, same colouring as above and one fawn bitch
  3. Lurcher Pups for Sale deerhound gray bull grayhound x 3/4 bull grayhound. these pups will make excellent all rounders Both parents well tested and no reverse £140 each (dogs and bitches) Call 07886504757 or 07851143265 Sire Dam Pics of Pups to follow
  4. as above.is llanefydd show on this year..got 2 trophys from last year..best entered terrier,and lurcher trophy. thanks
  5. he looks well mate...he wont be with you long..
  6. i own the sire...top all rounder... see the bitch work loads of time really good bitch,, pups are a steal at 120 they definately wont dissapoint any one..good luck with the sale llwynog coch.
  7. i think alot of people got hangovers today.they seem two slag 1 another off..i will be honest you sould off kept it on the lead 2nd time..but whats done is done..just pay the farmer.... if that was me soon as he did i would of hammerd him all the way back 2 the car.but him back in the kennal 4 a couble of days and when your feeding him still let him no your angry after about 4 days walk him threw the stock again and still shout if he just look at them,,dont shoot it most good dogs do it bud..hes just getting two the age where it wonts two chase things..when his working on stuff he will soon no
  8. got pups due end of the month..she needs 2 have more than 4 thow.. 100% earth dogs.
  9. mine mean a lot 2 me.. but u wont get as much work for them if your two fusy...
  10. You must of had two shit dogs with you if you had no game coming home lol ha
  11. mine wont b bayers..like his,,ha ha ha.we had a good weekend few week ago nie...at least u didnt travel about 300 miles for nothing mate..speak 2 you soon pal..
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