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  1. Gift it to a mate....save the hassle
  2. Muppet, I started going to the match on the terraces late 80's as a child. I have never had any obsession with blokes fighting as you do, it was just about the football....nothing more
  3. Max its hypocritical to try & mock someones accent when mackems have one of the worst.....keep up the good work making yourself look a c**t. I'm starting to think people must know you have a touch of Downs as they seem to let a lot of the bullshit you come out with go, rather than hammer you for it
  4. I've just had a drink with my lass' brother in law who is a die hard mackem but the complete opposite to you i.e not a complete c**t. He refuses to watch a derby with me because of it but has no obsession with Newcastle just wants to see us get beat/relegated which is fair enough. Were you bullied/abused as a child to make you this hateful or did it just come naturally?
  5. You got beat you f***ing moron...At the end of the season results are all that matters & you got beat again. I bet any money if you go to Brough Park you don't act the c**t like you do on here cos you'd get your teeth knocked down your throat
  6. Max where do you get your facts from? Wheres your proof or are you just speculating as per usual?
  7. Take the c**t...I'm sure 100000 of us would chip in £50 each to get rid of him
  8. Mate I'll have to get down soon, just not had the time this season so far....this dog is timid as f**k, will give him a look soon hopefully
  9. Not been on for a while now & see Max is still spouting his bullshit. I take it you're a lonely, pathetic, middle aged mackem who has no mates living near Newcastle. Concentrate on your own team you sad c**t....or better still f**k off back to sunderland if you hate us that much. Stop trying to be an expert when clearly you're not, you continue to make yourself look like a c**t.
  10. Naththepostie25 - Who's going mad for sprockers?
  11. Just put him down mate & at least you know where he ended up mate....
  12. Sshhhhhhh Lukey......hopefully he's already in there chatting to some big friendly bloke with a handle bar moustache lol
  13. Not been out for a while but heard Eazy Street is normally jumping, try any of the bars near Digital as its always busy....
  14. Does anyone know how good their legal team are compared to the BASC/CA?
  15. CorkyJohn


    Is this a riddle or am I f***ing tripping?
  16. You don't have to agree, thats the point in having an opinion. But I doubt Neil would gift or sell you a pup with that opinion....
  17. No muppets but turn up with 350 notes & they're anyones lol
  18. Wrong section mate if ur looking to stud ur dog...
  19. That last paragraph is 100% pure bullshit....
  20. Taken from another site.....just wondered if this was aimed at this site lol "Bear with me please. I have a litter of Whippet pups for sale, and although I'm aware this site isn't best suited for selling running dogs, the ones that are, are full of inbred muppets that really don't know anything about animal welfare, or the term, "a dog is for life". In the right hands these pups will make the very best family members. They'll also be successful in the field, and hold there own in the ring. The price per pup is £350, non negotiable. I have photos of the grandparents, parents all at work, and of the pups, mostly doing nothing lol."
  21. I think I'd rather ask my kids to name pups after reading some of the suggestions on here lol
  22. Be a shame to put a couple of years into a dog with a higher chance of failure, rather than buy a pup that is more suited to your needs
  23. The diesels I've had have lift pumps in or near the fuel tank, can't see how that would be a problem unless the lift pump was fcuked...
  24. Truth be known, I think we've all had that experience. The sad thing is there's so many fools pretending in this game you'd do well to find anyone to teach you anything worth knowing. Good luck in your education, and here's hoping they don't fill you full of shit and hold you back. That was a long time ago D, I learned from my own mistakes & the first dogs I had. Learned a lot from a red lakey bitch I bought for £, the terrier that wouldn't leave its quarry & taught me to learn your land before letting a dog like her off lol
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