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  1. world hunters, you obviously picked the right pup! He's a god looking dog for sure. I hope you get many years of good hunting with him. In his later pics. It looks like he has prick(pointy) ears are they common with 1/4 border 3/4 greys? Mickey Finn
  2. Magwitch, Thats the best photo series I've seen to show the dogs work. Goodlooking dogs and a nice catch. Well done! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Well thats good news. Both dogs back and in one piece. Alls well that ends well. Good choice uping security. Mine are kept under lock and key. Along with good helpful neighbors we all stay on top of things. No gypsies or travellers here. But we grow our own troubles.
  4. Sorry to hear of this. I hope you get your dogs back. Any tattoos or microchips? I wonder if the wirehair bit the b*****ds! Good luck!
  5. summat desent was she this way from the start? or just when you started her play training?
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone. The gun dog part got started because I have a Drahthaar that would rather hunt than eat and is fearless on predators. So, thats where that came from.
  7. You're getting confused with the Australian Shepherd Right you are! thanks.
  8. Hello, from the states again. More questions about lurchers. I've read about three make that four popular base breeds here on the forum. No particular order. 1, Border collie 2, Bearded collie 3, Bull dog-english bull terrier? 4, Australian cattle dog. actually from here in the U.S. For those who are particular. Why do you use the base that you do. I understand or at least think I do. That the base adds nose, brains and atleast some obedience. Along with a sounder structure more bone so to speak. So the dogs hunt for you and are less often injured. Why no gundog bases? It seem
  9. Hi ferret boy charlie nothing like advice from overseas Force fetch. At seven months with the adult teeth in. This is a good time to start it. But once you start, you have to go all the way. It sounds like your pup has a good retreiving instinct already. So, your a little ahead of the game. These links can sort of walk you through it. If they don't work, I can try to send them another way. http://www.oakhillkennel.com/library/force/force1.html http://www.oakhillkennel.com/library/force/force2.html Good Luck!
  10. Night time is my time. I don't want to cause arguments. I just would like to learn enough about lurchers to make some decisions. Whats the breeding of this male? I imagine I see some kind off bull dog along with border collie and greyhound.
  11. Hancocks Dogs. More questions if you guys don't mind. By my reckoning it's about two to one for. The guys opposed make very good points about breeding good working lurchers to improve your odds of getting good results. Sure, duds can happen in any litter. Some of you guys prefer Bull dog crosses. Judging by the pictures and stories they make some good hunting dogs. Unfortunately over here pit bulls and pitbull crosses that are running loose get shot. It seems that Hancock has produced some outstanding dogs. It sounds like undisputed had one that he was proud of and that others re
  12. Hi monkie75. I use rough grouse wings over here. I don't use anything to preserve them and they seem to hold up ok. You might try rubbing salt on the meaty part to help it dry out. this is how we preserve tails. We fan the feathers out and hang them up in our houses. I'm not sure why, but, I think it got started with turkey tails. But, the salt will dry them out and they should last a long time. Good Luck!
  13. These are my kennels This is the inside of the boxes. Lined with cedar strips. They last a little longer than straw. But they smell much better!
  14. Hi all. I'm knew to the forum and spend most time over with the gundog guys. I don't want to hijack this thread. But, I have been wondering about Lurchers myself for a while. So, I have a question as well. First off, I understand that this fellow Hancock breeds Collie x Greyhounds on a large scale. That they are raised in good conditions and all that. But they are just that specific hybred. 1/2 x 1/2 or 3/4 x 1/4 etc. Could you expect to get a dog that will work and be trainable? Or would it be a better bet to buy an Actual working Lurcher to Lurcher breeding? Here in the states, it
  15. Good looking dogs you've got there. Looks like this one has it made!
  16. Thanks for the comments guys. The dog is a Drahthaar. He'll be 6yrs next month so he was about 5yrs when that pic was taken. Kiwi, I really like the looks of your pup in the other thread! Schwsch. are kind of rare over here. Very nice to see.
  17. Dog with 4 pheasants Roughed grouse and 2 Woodcock Dog with Canada goose Dog showing off.
  18. Thats a nice looking pup. Is he all braun? Looks like he has good feet already. Watch him on that carpet!
  19. Hello, new to the site and saw this thread. I don't know if this will help you in the U.K. but this first link is good for boots. http://www.dogbooties.com/products/10dencorboot.html I also use this stuff to toughen up their feet. seems to work http://www.gundogsupply.com/click-for-tuff...&engine=GAW Good luck!
  20. Hello everyone. checking in from the states. I've had a look around and really like the looks of your site. Looking forward to sharing some hunting/fishing stories.
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