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  1. Had one in 223 and never liked it. It had feed problems from the mag and was quite fussy about what bullets it grouped. On the plus side I liked the sbs bolt arrangement that allowed the bolt to be operated with the safety activated
  2. I have used a t8 for a couple of years without problems , changed my rifle and bought a 3rd eye tactical nice mod and a reasonable price too
  3. I haven't played paint ball for a good few years , I have some gear in the garage , must it be in test , are you after the bottle for the marker ?,
  4. I like the lightforce 170 100w scope mount which I use both on and off the rifle
  5. I have had this a couple of times in my cz but mainly with winchesters, stopped using them
  6. I believe there are very few instances where 243 will be granted for fox in ni. Your best bet may be to get a 223 , do your dsc and then apply for 243 for deer and try to get it added for fox.
  7. If it is the same as newer 202, then the process is to remove the quick release sling swivel. There is a Allen key that is approx 6-7 inches. It is used to remove the Fore end and will allow you acces o remove the barrel etc. Google Sauer 202 manual and you will be able to download the info
  8. Poacher can you let me know the make etc and how much you are after. There shouldn't be any postage restrictions on the pistol if it is red or orange.
  9. hi guys Hopefully someone has a dummy launcher and a starter pistol in the garage that they no longer need and would be willing to sell. i dont think it is worth me buying a new one due to the limited use it would get. regards keith
  10. That's what I found informative tbh
  11. I have the 202 elegance in 6.5x55 and it will group well any rounds you can fit in the chamber from 95gr-140gr. I liked the rifle so much I changed my 223 to a Sauer 202 and can't see me changing either anytime soon
  12. Enjoyed watching the videos thanks for posting
  13. Enjoyed watching the videos thanks for posting
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