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  1. i ant got no prob's pouting a dog to sleep if i can't find a good pet home and then i will have them dun so thy cant breed of them
  2. swagboy

    Beggars dogs

    there's a block that lives down my road that don't work but gos out and plays the violin in the town for a hour or two and get's £30 to £40 a time and he will admit it as well
  3. keeping two back is hard but can be dun one will cum (or you pertherd one than the other) on moor than the other and most people will pout moor time in to the one witch is doing moor (witch i have dun with terriers in the past) and the other don't make the grade. so if you do keep 2 back and one is doing better take one the other out and do sum moor 1 on 1 with it atb with them
  4. look old cu*t i dont post that often yer 5 fox's is a lot i can't get over hell well we did but it did happen if you dont believe me then well be it it's members like you how has nether met me and most probe wont that pout me off of evan trying to pout pic's up for one of to thing's i'v slag me off or thay cant get over that there are working plummer's out there so have a good xmas
  5. ok then you no who my dog's do
  6. every thing has a pries Evan if it ant for sale i was keeping a pup back out of my last litter and my mate was having the other one but i got pestered for a bout 3 week's so i pout a SILLY pries off £700 on a 5 week old pup but told him where there was another litter was for £300 a pup the way i look at it is if thy will pay silly money for a dog well be it. i mite not be able to go strait out and get another but i will know where to get a pup from
  7. got one on e-bay the other month box and collier £ +p&p in good nick he had 3 or 4
  8. we only had 2 off the land he work's on but i know who you mean
  9. fu*k me i go out to do a bit with the dog's witch ant that often i get a chance like that and get slated for it on hir by old c**t's that all thy do is sit on the laptop slanging other's off that can still get there dog's out don't need a sh!t bag on hip is that why you can smell sh!t old timer you're bag is fall
  10. ah i had one of them, mine was the 5 door GT spec!! she was a wee flyin machine and a great wee motor on the back roads if i needed a quick get away lol just had the 3 door 1.1 one of my 1st cars that was
  11. he's going to sine on to morrow
  12. it's over 4 farms just trying to get on there fall time
  13. 205 witch the gear box fell out of cumming back on the a1m
  14. had a call from the keeper last night to go out to day as he was down 2 dog's one in pup and one in the sick bay. so jumped at the churns. so was up at 5.30am to get picket up for 6am, well we seat off with his 2 1/2 year old black bitch and my 16 mouth old plummer dog so we was going out with to pup's in fiery. got to the 1st pipe the keeper net's up one end and i take the dog's to the other end about 70 yard's long pout the bitch in waited 20 min grate the 1st one is a dig about 15ft from the end of the pipe with just a 3ft dig broke the pipe and there thy was face to face the keeper shot the fox and polled the fox out big dog fox back filed, 1 to the keeper. working back to the van we fount a fresh set so pout me dog down he was a bit unshore at 1st so let the bitch have a sniff yer one home and my dog whet in got a mark 4 ft started to dig then the fox boated young vickson but no dog so got a mark back at the hole so i broke throw the last foot to the chamber my dog had a good hold of him, shot him and bake filed, the 1st time my dog had cum face to face with one get in there my boy 2 to the plummer dun a norther 4 pip's not a thing so we went to the pen's where there was 3 artathishall set's netted up pout the black bitch in yap yap the fox slipped the net and back in the other side but took the net back in the set i garbed the bitch and pout her on the led welts the keeper sorted the fox out. nuthing in the other to set's 2 all working back to the van we had the dog's off and turbo started to mark call'd him a way and the black bitch marked and she don't mark rabbit by now it's getting on a bit he was not going to do it so we had a bit of banter over the breed's with that off she when he stood there with the gun out it cum did not get 5 ft from the hole all he sed was can you're plummer shoot lick that lets go home so at the end of the day 5 fox's 2 to the plummer, 2 to the black bitch and 1 to the keeper lol lee tell you're dad you won't a plummer like mine then run lol
  15. swagboy

    New member, South Africa

    so who do u shoot a part from kaffers out there