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  1. FLY77

    Rats R Us.

    well done buddy nice set of dogs nice to see a bit of rating ped nwf
  2. FLY77

    Saluki Grey

    any pictures buddy
  3. as above good gun £200 pm me for more info thanks fly77
  4. male 15th old smart little bird female 4 year old bit of a bitch. lol for moor info pm me as i will not be leting just any one take them. thanks fly77
  5. FLY77

    Red Tail X Harris Hawk

    thanks a lot for looking for the pictures buddy what a lovey bird atb fly77
  6. FLY77

    Red Tail X Harris Hawk

    thanks buddy i have got the 2 hawks to do this x. it would be nice to find out a bit moor about this x. any one else ever had and worked this x of hawks befor
  7. FLY77

    Red Tail X Harris Hawk

    i would love to see that picture buddy
  8. FLY77

    Astra Van

    how about an 02 plate ka swap
  9. FLY77

    F.a.o. The Lads Getting Neils Beddy X Greys

    Nice dog buddy I like that we'll done he looks strong he's quick for a first cross
  10. FLY77

    I Need Some Help

    Thanks boys but it's fucken 5 0 that are in trouble after i get done wth them. Once again thanks happy hunting fly77 ps just the man I need.
  11. FLY77

    I Need Some Help

    Thanks buddy I owe you a faver atb fly77
  12. Hi every one can some one help me am looking for a solicitor not just any solicitor this solicitor posts in the country man's weekly as a wild life solicitor I can't remember his name I think it is something like Reeves but can some one who gets the country man's could have a look I would be greatfull I now some one will be able to help me thanks all. Happy hunting fly77
  13. Go on buddy it's empty
  14. empty your inbox lad