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  1. seang

    im confused lol

    Is he the dog in that film babe they had to tie up
  2. seang

    You Never Thought I Could Do This I Bet

    Yep it's you!!!!!
  3. seang


    /C:/predefgallery/predefphotos/First x Wheaten greyhound
  4. seang


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    /C:/predefgallery/predefphotos/First x Wheaten greyhound
  8. seang

    Heres The Mutt I Kept.

    will he be faster in thst colour lism his def his fathers son too lolhope he does u proud
  9. seang

    Starting Early

    Hahaa got a good laugh at that good write up and liam any bowel movement at ur age is a good sign.....snook lol
  10. seang

    Wheaton X Grey Anyone Use Them

    Around 18 months. id say around 24 or 5 tts never measured him though lol doc martin
  11. seang

    Wheaton X Grey Anyone Use Them

    Im workin first x wheaten greyhound rough dog to work very loyal and obiedient til his seen something lacks bit speed but his caught things a quicker dog wouldn have out of gameness.his not the best around other dogs but as long they show no interest in him his fine.his no problem on all game.ill be hopin breed him to full greyhpund in time his young yet and i was worried bout pace but he makes up for it in other ways
  12. Beamin at the course got tonight first time they seemed work together had write this up for you jigsaw lol.i hope it wasn just a once off.they hate each other and never have i seen them watch each other when bull x turned fox back into the wheaten x the bull checked his run if it turned again he was ready for it hed never let wheaten be first in hed rather plough into him than fox be got by other lad first he turned and bull cut across into fox and grabbed its hole bowled over and the wheaten was in before either them got chance get up.jigsaw you know my dilemma with them 2 not only was it a shock but i was disappointed it didn go on for a few more turns see if they ment it and not a once off.i finished on a high just incase left it at that lol
  13. seang

    First X Wheaton Hound

    His seen a bit loves getting teeth lot more mature than my bullx and his 7 months older
  14. seang

    First X Wheaton Hound

    I know was n offended his good and tight
  15. seang

    First X Wheaton Hound

    I get called thin myself but if ur not overweight this day and age ur not healthy