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  1. Australian english man and an irish man are all sat in the bar having a drink when the bar door opens and a man in a white robe walks in, Paddy looks up and says to the others "hey fellas that be jesus over there" They both looked at him and told him not to be so bloody stupid. Il prove it is him stands up and walks over to him, "Are you jesus He asked. Yes i am jesus replied. the irish man smiled and said let me buy you a drink so bought him a guiness and walked back to the other two. "Told ya fellas it is jesus".

    The english man jumps up and walks over and buys a glass of wine and gives to jesus then returns to the others, The australian then gets up walks over and buys him a beer, Then he returns to the others. Half an hour goes by and jesus gets up and walks over to them he shakes the irishmans hand and says "Thank you for your kindness" Paddy looked down at his leg and said its a miracle my limps gone i can walk properly again. Jesus then turned to the english man shook his hand and said "thank you for your kindness" The englishman looked at his hand and said "my Arthiritis its gone im healed its a miracle.

    Jesus turns to the australian and extends his hand. The australian looks at it backs away and says "Piss off you b*****d im on compo".

  2. Yeah stabs it was that pup. You always blame yourself when something like this happens. i keep looking outside and cant get used to not seeing her there.

    was turning into a cracking little dog as well. got my eye on a litter of bull x greys at the moment will see what happens whether i get one or not

  3. Lost my 10 month old pup tonight. took her out for our usual walk around. usually not much on this ground. she has never really showed an interest to anything that was there. well tonight she did show an interest took off after a rabbit and ran straight into a stone gate post, poor girl never stood a chance.


    r.i.p Yella

  4. Its good too see legitimate pest control going on still despite the law being against us in so many ways. Its good to see the real deals who got me into the working dog game are still out there doing what they love to do. And i think its really great that genuine guys like royston2 and kane are willing to take messers under there wing i mean just look at ratkilla :victory: top work fellas :clapper::clapper:

























  5. I still think rabbits


    why would i work her on rabbitt pal? :hmm: surly you dont do you i mean digging after ferreted rabbits is a pain i wouldnt even own a terrier if it went to ground on a rabbit. infact this is the first ive ever heard of it but never mind each to his own ill stick to what i know best i think royston let me know how you get on with it tho hey pal! :bye:





    Caught out royston i bet you dont even get any rabbits you most likely photoshop them in :feck:


    pm me please mate

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