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  1. olim

    ideal first car

    You pay?? By that do you mean mummy and daddy do I could barely afford the bus when i was 17 and ive worked since i was 13!! as with most other people my age, unless you work full time how would you pay for it, well the answer is that you couldn't, i still have to pay for fuel and insurance. most other people my age could spend 1k or 5 on a car but would still be paying over 2k for insurance.
  2. olim

    ideal first car

    just depends how far you need to drive it and how you drive it, when i put my foot down i swear i can see the bloody fuel gauge moving. and they are fairly expensive to buy but you can probably sell them for more and they are a lot more fun than most other cars and they will do so much off road. but i also see it as i don't know anyone else who is on a normal policy with a normal car paying less on insurance.
  3. olim

    ideal first car

    im 17 and I've got a defender 90, i pay £1100 a year and i think that is cheaper than anyone else i know who are insured on hatchbacks.
  4. olim

    hpi vehicle check help

    no the other plate is on it now isnt the private one but i have read over it a few times and it seems that the plate was written off when it was on a bmw before it was put on the car but i will call the rac to check it with them as well. thanks for the help
  5. olim

    hpi vehicle check help

    I went to look at a defender today and planned on picking it up tomorrow but i have just done a vehicle check with rac and i got this: The current plate was transferred to this vehicle on 27/07/2009 BAL4N was applied to this vehicle on 23/06/2009 This VRM has been recorded as being written-off The insurance write-off was recorded on 05/12/2006 against a BMW 520I SE A J235SRU was applied to this vehicle on 01/07/1992 There are no interests recorded against J235SRU this is all a bit confusing to me so could anyone help me out, it says it has been written off but was this another car that the private plate was on? should i stay clear of this? any help appreciated.
  6. olim


    dont know any keepers who have 'PET' magpies though, i'm not too bothered about getting in an argument but i just dont see the point
  7. olim


    ok maybe more game keepers but it is a pest so it just depends what you control, i'm fine with my pet cockroach
  8. olim


    It does'nt look that bloody small to me, poor thing, it would be better to kill it than torture it in a cage like that and i would not call a wild bird a pet? as for the pest control thing i very much doubt that he is a pest controler or many pest controlers would keep a wild bird as a pet. But just my opinion.
  9. olim


    He clearly is'nt a pest controller, probably for show or considers himself a pest controler
  10. olim

    brand new bsa scorpion t10 full kit cheap

    if it says t10 then it should be a ten shot, if it is a single shot it is not a t10 just a scorpion
  11. olim

    muslim scum punches edl women

    I usually would support them but that is f*cking pathetic, 2 - 60 says it all. they may have been crafty about it but bloody hell there must have been 20+ circling one paki at one time. and as you could see there a man walking around outside a court with a can of beer just does nothing for the image of the group if there members are like that then no wonder.
  12. olim

    yukon night vision scope

    Now sold, so you can go and stir on someones elses thread because you wish that you could afford what they were selling
  13. olim

    yukon nv scope

    Hope your happy with it, if you have any questions just let me know
  14. olim

    The Air Gun Centre Rayleigh.

    very good, i got my gun from there.
  15. olim

    yukon night vision scope

    Not surprised he didnt sell it, what a miserable git! it's hard to sell it when people piss you around but have someone coming tomorrow, and miserable git? when someone makes a sarcastic comment because he cant afford it.