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  1. Never heard of this the other way round - Springer FT winner or champion with a little bit of cocker somewhere in the DNA? Personally I gave up registering my springer pups with the KC three generations ago and have never had any trouble selling (on the rare occasions I have had a litter) or their working ability, temperament or fitness. I know which dogs I'm happy breeding with as I've seen them work day in day out either picking up or beating. Dogs are there to put in a shift, not show off their limited (I've swept up behind them on a shoot day) ability, reliance on the whistle rather than instinct and DNA test results to judges. I'm happy with a pint from the keeper at the end of the day rather than a rosette and a plastic trophy?
  2. View Advert Breeks 32w and 34w 1 pair of Clyde Valley moleskin breeks 32w - £20 and 1 pair of Hucklecote tweed breeks 34w - £30. Both great condition and outgrown by my son. Price includes postage. Advertiser Gillaroo Date 19/10/18 Price Category Clothing and Footwear  

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    1 pair of Clyde Valley moleskin breeks 32w - £20 and 1 pair of Hucklecote tweed breeks 34w - £30. Both great condition and outgrown by my son. Price includes postage.


    - GB

  4. Roustaloue Gundogs - Peter Everett Stewart. Working dogs not triallers.
  5. Excellent boots. Can be a bit slippery on wet grass but that's all.
  6. Get one from Stewart here... http://www.flyforums...-fly-lines.html Best value out there. Cheers Gillaroo
  7. I reckon it's spot on 14lb but coughed up a 2lb fish when it was caught so could have been 16lb. Am I close?
  8. how does your sprollie compare to a pure springer. Like chalk and cheese to be honest. The sprollie was in in the beating line at 8 months without even hearing a gun or seeing a pheasant and I waited with the springer until he was nearly 4 years old. Sprollie won't peg or touch a bird but will hold a runner down with his paw. The springer is mainly used for picking up now although he'll happily work in the beating line as well. I knew both the dogs lineage about 5 generations back (obviously no pedigree with sprollie) which made it an easy decision to take them on and the springer has just sired his first litter so if anyone is looking for a stud dog I'll happily send his pedigree. No need for big stud fee or pick of litter as we're getting this one in a few weeks... Cheers Mike
  9. ...And Muttley the Sprollie... he was free!
  10. My springer "Tenner" - well that's all he cost!
  11. Here you go... Peltor ComTac Tactical Folding Headset - MT15H68FB-02 Military Green Cheers Mike
  12. CZ550 .243 with Simmons Whitetail Classic 3.5-10x40 scope (Phillipines model) and Wildcat 300. Good news is this set up loves Prvi Partizan cheapo rounds! Gillaroo
  13. i would go for yours mate all day long.as gamekeepers work there dogs 6-7days a week shooting and havnt got time for feild trials,so they would probably produce the best shooting dogs in my eyes and if your brother is getting a good response from other people that must be a good thing. Exactly what I was thinking when the OP asked for best WORKING cocker kennel - nothing to do with trials. Not sure if they are still about but Rustaloue were top notch with Peter Everitt-Stewart at the helm - think it was his wife who specialised in cockers with many going to the USA for quail shooting. Personally I have never taken too much notice of how many this that and the other a dog has in its pedigree and we are now on the 6th generation and haven't bred a bad one yet - these are springers though. Also, I'm still not sure about this massive trend (well down here anyway) towards cockers with springers seemingly the poor relation in terms of what's in vogue? Talking to a gamekeeper friend the other day about what changes he's likely to do to the drives this season, his answer was simple... "Get the bl@@dy cockers out of them!!" And he is a cocker man! Just a thought. Mike
  14. And Vinnie Jones and Guy Ritchie have bought the other 2,488!!!
  15. If you can't find cheap Peltor ComTacs on ebay then buy some of these... http://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/proddetail.asp?prod=peltorsportac&cat=304 You'll love them especially when you hear low level noise like your dog working or birds flying towards you amplified. Hope this helps Mike
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