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  1. I've caught many foxes over the years, with various dead animals and other bits. We use to have chickens and if the fox ever came round I'd set my trap but I would find I'd catch when the bait such as a dead chicken left behind had near enough rotted and never on fresh meat. Other place I've caught them on fresh bait within an hour. I think it probably depends on what other food is readily available and how wary the fox can be. Each fox is different. Good luck though
  2. heres a few so far. Like I say, just playing with settings at the moment.
  3. Thanks plucky. Been out a couple of times but not come across too much yet. I'm still try to develope an eye also.
  4. Do you find it any good? I've heard a few times not to use it. That's what I was thinking of using.
  5. Hi guys, Was just wonder what kind of string or twine they tend to use on their puntange traps?
  6. Looks like an Albion trap to me, always found them good but sometimes a tad too short with a big dog fox. They trigger it and the door falls down on their back and they back out.
  7. So I've got my camera now, I went for a Nikon D7200 and brought a 18mm-140mm lens it's a nice lens for close stuff but wasn't quite big enough for wildlife shots as it didn't have the range so saved a few pennies and got the 70mm-300 which gives me a good range on it I'm happy with. As I explained originally this is all new to me so at the moment I'm playing with settings and just getting use to things and experimenting with all the different settings. I've not had time to get out much yet as its been getting dark when I get in but I'm Looking forward to the Spring and summer to hopefully get
  8. A mate of mine has got some muck boots, they look very big and cumbersome, he doesn't rate them. Another mate told me to get aigle
  9. I need to get some new wellies. Always had chameau and will get another pair but wanted to know if anyone has tried the wool lined ones and how they found them
  10. As the title suggests. Was out today and my ridge line was put to the test, I was soaked through. It let through completely on the arms. I've heard good things on nomad, what do others on here think?
  11. Been having a think and keep looking. Think after Christmas I'm going to treat myself to a Nikon D7200 with a 18-140mm lens. Hopefully might get a deal in new year.
  12. Was chatting to a lady the other day who was running me through her camera, showing me the lens which is 18mm-105mm. The 18 was nice for close up but I'm not sure on the 105mm I'm thinking I might want longer. I want the camera for trying to get wild life shots but also for taking out hunting. What lens would people suggest? I'm going to start with a Nikon D3300. Can anyone recommend any decent reputable places where I might be able to get a second hand lens? Thanks
  13. Where did you get that from, I've been looking at getting the d3300. Chatting to a lady I know the other day who had a 18mm-105mm lens on her Nikon, can't remember model but think I'll want a bit than that I think.
  14. Went into jessops today and had a chat, they recommended either the Nikon d3200 or the canon 1200 d as a good entry level dslr. I've been looking at the Nikon d3300 on internet and looked on YouTube too, it seems to have good write ups from what I've read and the price seems sensible to me too.
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