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  1. Sterry


    Right this kid, there bit of a war going on about doing stuff to eachothers cars (we picked his one up and moved it to the middle of the road lol) he got his own back on our mates car by ramming it when it was parked (they are both crap cars so didnt care) on tuesday we (bout 4 of us all together)went round his house at 1am and the ever reliable machine jack stood on the roof and took a dump on his bonet....classic....When he came in the next day trying to keep a straight face.lol
  2. Sterry

    charity shops

    My dad got a Rolex oyster from a charity shop for £16. He gave them £50 for its as he felt bad. mum got a mont blanc pen and for those not in the know thats about £250 for a pen. she got two for £9 but gave them £20. I brought a Original Tommy (the who) vinyl for £30 with genuine programme for the show in mint condition, thats well over £120 worth. and god knows how many towel and duvets for the dogs and old jumper for the ferrets to sleep in.
  3. Sterry

    Coursework: Shooting

    Probably a different exam board. and Ric dont you worry about that, i've been goin out before school on the ducks and geese, and on the pigeons after it....(homework fits in there somewhere on the odd ocaision too) i would say i have well and truely got the bug.
  4. Sterry

    Coursework: Shooting

    Bad news im afraid, theres no shooting what so ever on the A-level books, bowls is.....crazy. I kind of new it was a long shot but the body wont budge on the shooting front, a great shame i think.
  5. Sterry


    I had one last year come round as we was loading the van up with ferrets guns and all sorts, asking us to support the hunting ban. just showed them the back of the van and told them where we was going and what we intended to do, he didnt know what to say, so we told him to get on his way as hes getting no money or support here.
  6. Flapper is just a decoy thats wings flap....would you believe it lol....but this can either be battery or by pulling a peice of string. i think a "Wobbler" is a bendy stake which allow a dedcoy on the floor to move around abit. not sure about a "Bouncer", but have a feeling it might be like what i know as a "Floater" basically its a flying decoy that is held up by a longish rod to allow it to bob up and down and side to side. I think there is a regional pigeon language around these parts
  7. Sterry

    9/11 - terriost attacks -

    Ok....how would they prep the buildings for demolition with all the explosives and wire and everything else. why would the government kill so many of its own people and put a strain on its own economy?
  8. Sterry

    9/11 - terriost attacks -

    I dont think the train of thought was that the fire burnt throught the steel but caused it to expand at varying rates buckling under the weight above, and the weight of the aeroplane which was inside the towers. once it started to go no floor was built to with stand that immence weigh. why they fell the same ....they was desinged to. What possible advantage could the American government have in killing all those people who were making them money....? If your answer is oil, then i remember oil being alot cheaper before that happened, if it was the war in general...well that had been going on since 1996 where both american and british submarines launched missile into afghanistan and made it public that they did so...
  9. Sterry


    this comes to mind.... http://blagnet.net/Special-Olympics.jpg
  10. Sterry

    9/11 - terriost attacks -

    I agree with Lansra here completely, human nature is to look for another possible reason, the reasons the towers fell straight down was because they were designed too...imagine if they had fell laterally? how many more would have been killed, and theres no way of guessing which way it would have gone. This was a clear act of terrorists, the reaction of the american people was "We need to go to war this minuite" two days later they did, and rightly so in my veiw. My aunt and uncle both are in banking and were then living in new york. My aunt was due to be working in the 70 something floor on that day, but was late to work thankfully when my cousin tried to skive off school by pretending to be ill. My unlce didnt know that my aunt was late and was only a few blocks away and saw the whole thing presuming she was in there.... and people tell you miracles dont happen!
  11. Sterry

    Walk with the 20

    I miss my 20 bore, i think im goin to have to take it out again soon. i tell you what, when i went on shoots with it i used to get all kinds of comments saying that the 20 bore wasnt up to as much as the 12 bores....shut a few up when i had 18 out of a 60 bird day, the only 20 bore there.
  12. Sterry

    one big warren.

    I think it would need a combined effort of longnets, ferrets, traps, snares and gun. Obviously keep some of them seperate like ferreting and trapping...
  13. Sterry

    login axor

    I think your right, it must be the thread. is it a new gun? if it is i would have sent back to the factory.
  14. Sterry

    login axor

    What about the thread? is it cut square???
  15. Sterry

    login axor

    Is it a weirache silencer??? if so i've heard they have a tendancy to do that, have a look at a logun silencer, they are just are quiet if not quieter