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  1. i went to the last one and still got a badge somewhere. 14 years go quick.
  2. if i could get an eighty pound in weight bedlington like mine i would have the best guard dog lol. the little f*cker is a screaming banshee with anyone who comes near the house, all teeth. lol.
  3. boland


    i like that adam.
  4. any one crossed a beddy with a bull whippet ?
  5. i think the alliance is only interested in supporting fox huting with hounds.
  6. ball work, good workout for dogs. gets the heart and lungs working plus the fast twitch muscles that walking does not do.
  7. boland

    Bushing rabbits

    looks like a good day out mate.
  8. someone did looking at the patterdales nowadays, mini staffs.
  9. i would get him checked by a vet just in case
  10. might be a bit stressed with the new enviroment. lots of factors can effect new dogs, ie is there other dogs that has already formed a pack, sleeping arrangements ?
  11. shit in the shropshire area
  12. i saw one at a game fair last year, big head on it with some large teeth. was shocked how strong it was.
  13. when you cross a bedlington with a whippet or greyhound do you use a proven good working bedlington ?
  14. he sounds like a right cnut. cant see why the fell and moorland would have him as a judge. maybe they dont know his background ?
  15. very enjoyable thread, took a while to read through it all. even found a photo of the sire of my dog.
  16. rat, fast and furious fun.
  17. went for a walk with the dog Sunday in a well known nature reserve in Shropshire, there was a sign saying two cases of dogs had got alabama rot since xmas and both had died. put the dog back in the car and went home. seems to me that there will be more cases before the government takes any notice. makes you wonder where all the dog loving antis are ? they should be going mad about this and petitioning the government.
  18. 40 pound fox's, one for the wheaten thread lol.
  19. if someone tried to get in my house, all i need is a dog to bark and wake me up. the hard bit i would do lol. if someone broke in when im not at home and stole then it it can be replaced.
  20. i agree, just need a bit of road work to condition his muscles and he would look good. doesn't need to lose to much weight, hes got some good bone on him.
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